Fred Sung

Fred Sung has been anefficient member of the team but he continuously had issues with the pricing strategy of ZenRecruit which Kaggawa has set and always tried to offer adiscount to the client to close the deal. He has been effective inmaking an impression on Kaggawa by pressuring her through constant lobbying.Since the death ofSung’s father in January, his sales graph and enthusiasm to work depicted a declining graph, supported by marital affairs which augmented the element of low motivation andinterest.

In order to deal with these issues, and to regain the interest of Sung into the business, an informal communication platform will be created, in which Sung will be made comfortable to talk about his personal affairs without beingjudged. It may take few sessions forsung to open up. Duringthosesessions, Kaggawa will be offering a mentoring support to Sung, and also offer him pieces of advice with strongevident results which Sung couldimplement in his life. Moreover, a career counselling will be induced for a particular period of time, to get Sung back on track. Nowin order to make Sung comfortable with the pricing strategy of the company, Kaggawa will be offering Sung an in-depth analysis of the cost structure of the company to make him betterunderstand the pricing strategy.This will allow Sung to accept the strategy, internally, which will in turn help him justify it to his clients more effectively.

                                                                         Whatkey areas will you focus on?

The key area of focus will be Motivation of both the members.It is merely due to the lack of motivation raised by different conditions which have ultimately effected the performance of these members.

In doing so, I will look closely at the motivational precursors that strikePremo and Sung.Also aprime focus will be put on coaching and nurturing the members. Closure will be offered to both membersin order to build a sense of ownership and care, which will help members to connect with and own the organization.Moreover, theother focus will be on developing such approachesthatkeep the motivational level of themember high in accordance to the motivational drivers. Also, the focus will take in consideration the means to develop aclose relationship with the team and devise the strategies to evoke team synergy. In doing so, all the members will work in close relationship with each other and uplift and help the low performers to reach the benchmark. This will create a team bonding which will help in developing a strong relationship and communication channel, ultimately helpingPremo and Sung overcomethese issues in a collective way.

  How will you coach for performance improvement

Coaching is also used as asynonym for counselling. Coaching is bringingbest in the employee by resolving the bottlenecksanddeadlocks the employeesfacein thepath of achievingthe goal.

To coach PremoandSung in respect of performance improvement.There are certain steps that I will have totaketo uplift the morale and productivity scale of the members.

The initial step will entail the details about the performance of the employees.In doing so, criticism will not be practiced, however, a more informal way of communication will be chosen to ensure maximum openness………………

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