ZARA: IT for Fast Fashion Case Solution

Solutions for the issues in the case:

Firstly, Zara should make the formal process of the IT budget process within the company; this may involve upgrading the current facility of the IT in the company and maximizing the automation of the activities and process operated in the management process of the company. This will not only reduce the time shortage issues in the company but also the fraud and error chances in the accounting system of the company.

Secondly, the company should employ experienced and highly qualified IT expert as Chief Information Officer who would look after the IT structure of the company and its need. He or she should also be responsible to recommend any up gradation of the IT system if he feels it crucial.
Moreover, the company should pay significant attention on the IT infra-structure related to the upward supply stream portion of the value chain of the company. This may include employing th

zara it for fast fashion case solution

zara it for fast fashion case solution

e software at the warehouse of the company integrated with the external and internal suppliers of the company, which can check the inventory levels of the company and forecast its future needs so that they can carry out their manufacturing accordingly.

Finally, the company should employ highly effective automation process in its downward supply stream. This process is crucial for the profitability of the company and this involves sales and distribution to the customer. The company should initiate the IT infrastructures in the sales department of the company and in the major retail customer’s stores which must be integrated between each other. The software must also give the company access to the inventory information of the customers to identify the possible future demand of the relevant products from these customers……………..

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