YES BANK: Mainstreaming Development into Indian Banking Case Solution

YES BANK, founded in 2003 and successfully, has always been the priority of meeting cost government loans in India to sectoral requirements (PSL) management, unlike almost all other private sector banks, which consider the PSL activity but as a necessary element of their portfolio deficit. To do this, YES BANK banking practice created a separate development in the field of Corporate Finance division. But now the Bank’s development team plans to go to the Council to adopt the concept a little more proactively invest not qualify as a compliance issue but also business activities PSL. If the bank to allocate financial and human resources in an ambitious program of financial inclusion to meet the previously unbanked rural populations through a rapid expansion of its branch network and the use of non-banking correspondents business? In addition, if the bank made of Tatva Capital, a private venture participation focused on renewable energy, clean technologies, waste management, water and sanitation, food and agribusiness low equity, affordable housing, health care, education and creating livelihoods? The board is ready to integrate the development bank in the course of the shore, or will this be a grave error of judgment?
Michael Chu,
Namrata Arora
Source: Harvard Business School
31 pages.
Publication Date: October 1, 2010. Prod #: 311063-PDF-ENG
YES BANK: Integration for Development Banking Solution Case of India

YES BANK: Mainstreaming Development into Indian Banking Case Solution
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