Workplace Safety at Alcoa (B) Case Solution & Answer

Workplace Safety at Alcoa (B) Case Solution 

In this case, it is analyzed that O’Neill gave more priority to the safety of the workers in Alcoa. However, the more challenging task for Neill was to provide treatment to employees of Alco in the New Mexican Plant. However, Benedictine pointed out that the company treated its workers poorly and systematically violating the value system of the worker.

O’Neill considered all the issue and immediately tooktwo actions: he assembled the team for investigation and also asked Richard about the accounts situations. The team included the experts, health and safety supervisors who addressed the safety concern. After analyzing the performance of the company, it is analyzed that the company operated its operations efficiently and also analyzed that there wasnot legitimate issue and that all were just rumorsabout safety.


In this case, O’Neil explained the idea of Alcoa which was to provide safety to the workers. The company faced challenges from its competitors regarding its safety measures. In order to analyze these threats, O’Neil took effective measures to overcome these issues. As a result of persistent attention to changing behaviors, this issue led to the day-to-day decisions being affected. Moreover, O’Neil had two options to consider about: O’Neil needed to consider the performance measures of the company weekly or monthly basis, which would help the company to determine its operational concerns. Moreover, if he wanted to improve the safety level of the company then he should understand the manufacturing process of the company which not only reduces the cost but also improves the performance efficiency of the company. The second option is to consider the problem of workers. As Alcoa Inc. was having the problem regarding workers’ safety, therefore the CEO took measures to reduce accidents in the Aluminum factory. His first step was setting safety goals that seemed unrealistically high and he said that reducing accidents would test the ability of the Alcoa to achieve its goals.


O’Neil kept checking the product diversification and refocused on Alcoa’s core aluminum businesses as well asheused the vertical integration strategy. O’Neil’s concern to focus on the safety measure and profit allocation for workers and stakeholders was instituted as these both actions increased the internal moral of the company and broughtfavorable market retention. In order to increase the profitability in the company, he focused on the customers’ satisfaction. In addition to this, the company’srevenue increased again and the Mexican plant’s value increased due to their primary customers as well as this improvedits coverage in the North American automobile makers.

In 2001, Paul O’Neil became the Secretary of the treasury department. During this time period,O’Neil started with development through acquisition, managed the cost carefully and realigned the business by focusing on the most important markets of the Alcoa which were aero space, defense and ground transportation. Therefore, the company became profitable as well as this improvedthe safety of the workers by focusing on this course of actions.


O’Neil should focus on the manufacturing process of the business as it would help the company to improve its profitability and safety level of the organization. Moreover, O’Neil should maintain effective relationship with the customers as it would help the company to achieve higher market share in the market as compared to its competitors. Moreover, O’Neil should focus on the centralized business unit structure as it would open create an opportunity for him and bring profitability in the business. Therefore, the company should focus on its day to day operation as it would help it to improve the account abilities of the workers as well as the efficiency of the business……………

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