Woolworths Group Case Study Analysis

Business Strategy

The industry should use a strategy to overcome the problems of decline and other competitor’ssituation. Using online strategy will be helpful in this pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen such huge numbers of Australians shopping on the web, like never before previously. Kanfland is likewise existing from the Australian retail showcase as the market is deteriorating. As Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) was exploring claims that providers wanted to “retain gracefully” to Kaufland “in dread of backlash from Coles and Woolworths.” This would have kept the German organization from making sure about food and product for its Australian stores.

Question No. 2

Disruption Technology

The disruptive technology is like an innovation that alter the ways for customers, business, and industries. This technology includes online sites, e-commerce, GPS, and other apps. It replaces the traditional ways with the convenient ones. Disruptive innovation is all about growth. This means that disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and network for the customers and it also disrupts the current market, products, services, and displacing leading firms.

The Australian market is also moving towards disruptive innovation as Woolworths and Coles have a near duopoly in the Australian supermarket industry. COVID-19 pandemic has truly featured some serious issues for our business just as for the business when all is said in done. Woolworths and Coles rule online basic food item deals in Australia, just 2.8% of all out income in the Australian general stores and markets industry in 2017-2018 originated from online staple deals. As there were news reports of clients battling in store over things, for example, tissue and hand sanitizer, the business needs to receive troublesome innovation. The frenzy purchasing likewise affected Woolworths Online conveyance administration, with the organization unfit to deal with the downpour of requests. Numerous requests were out and out dropped or not ready to be satisfied because of item deficiencies. In-store ‘Snap and Collect’ alternatives were additionally suspended. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen such huge numbers of Australians shopping on the web, like never before previously. Woolworths is putting resources into the online conveyance showcase with in excess of 800 conveyance trucks. Amazon Fresh is a basic food item conveyance administration that works as an online business in Australia without any blocks and mortar stores. Amazon has a broad comprehension of web-based retailing and furthermore contributing in problematic development.

Impact of Disruptive Innovation on Woolworth

There are many impacts of this disruptive innovation on Woolworth group some are negative and some are positive.Disruptive innovation includes a portion of the investors that are stressed that they are ‘tying up of our assets in one place’ and are worried that we are passing up putting resources into other rising regions. The frenzy purchasing likewise affected Woolworths Online conveyance administration, with the organization incapable to deal with the storm of requests. The CEO, Banducci is likewise staggered at how rapidly the Woolworths Online conveyance business slammed. It plainly shows that we have to put resources into that piece of the business. It’s no big surprise that the speculators are concerned. Resentment of this. Woolworths overwhelm online basic food item deals here in Australia, just 2.8% of complete income in the Australian markets and supermarkets industry in 2017-2018. This records for $2.534 billion for Woolworths. While online deals are developing around 30% per year, however, online deals are less beneficial for organizations like Woolworths. Woolworths is putting resources into the online conveyance advertise with in excess of 800 conveyance trucks out and about whenever and opening four “dull stores”. Dim stores that are shut to clients and whose lone intention is for representatives to pack and boat online requests. This is a piece of the Woolworths Group’s system is to command the online staple conveyance advertise.


As Woolworth Group has retail premiums in grocery stores that are working under the Woolworths and Woolworths Metro brands in Australia and the Countdown item in New Zealand, with 1,200 stores, liquor and betting that is overseen by the recently framed Endeavor Group and working under the Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Cellar bosses, and Langton’s brands and the ALH Group which works authorized bars and clubs, general product – Big W, and account – Woolworths Finance and Woolworths Rewards. Previous organizations incorporate Masters Home Improvement stores and client gadgets items Dick Smith and Tandy. In 2020, Woolworth grocery stores works under a solitary brand name across Australia so it have to keep stick on web based overhauling in this pandemic. The Woolworths Group need to concentrate on its center business regions like Woolworths Online, and Countdown), general product – Big W, grocery stores Woolworths, Woolworths Metro, and finance.The pandemic has highlight many areas where the retail industry need to work so Woolworth also need to work on these pattern for effective disruptive innovation. The CEO of Woolworth also has fear with these conditions and he also suggests that the company need to focus on its core supermarket business to grow faster.

Question No. 3

Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue ocean strategy is the strategy in the market for a product without any competition or rival or with less competition. This strategy includes operating in a market where there are not everyone in the same market. The advantage of this strategy is having no pricing pressure and this applies in every sector of the business. It is about capturing and attracting customers because of less competitors. Banducci also want this strategy to be implemented because of its advantages. In order to achieve this strategy, CEO need to……………………………..


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