Women after COVID-19 Case Solution & Answer

Women after COVID-19 Case Solution


World health Organization (WHO) has decided to declare this dangerous virus as a global disease which transfers from person to person so quickly through air. In order to stop the spread of this virus and collective effort will be needed to stop this virus.This virus is defined as the “the virus that is spread over a wide range of area and affecting a large amount of population.

In 2019 the first case of this corona virus came from the city of china Wuhan, which is in the Hubei province of China, which was reported directly to the WHO. Later this virus was spreading with the rapid amount of speed, from china it affected them heavily and caused just uncountable death every day and from their this virus was spread all over the world through people who were travelling from planes, from where this virus came to be known as SARS- Cov -2, which is related with Covid 19. The Impact of this virus is not gender specific or age specific. Like a child or an old man both can be infected by this virus. Covid19 is not new, it is from the family of viruses that causes health issues like breathing problem that take full tow in 14 days.

Covid19 is the first virus that is not made by humans but it came from the animals to humans. Our scientist did not know much about this virus previously, as they gave it a name of SARS and a disease of Covid19. Corona virus got the name of corona, from the look they look like in microscope. They are seen as crown in microscope that is why they got the name corona which means crown in Latin.

It is not sure still that what are other sources of the spread of the corona, but with limited information says that this spreads from human interaction. As there is little information that how this virus enters the human body. But with little information we can say that this spread from the saliva. And especially this virus spreads in congested rooms and poor ventilated areas like indoor shopping malls,hotels, restaurants and marriage halls.

Covid-19 is not only a challenge for the global economy, but also a challenge for the people patience, it is not easy to easily sit home for the man to be working all day to earn for his family for this I think, all the world have to be on the same page in order to deal with any other crises,right now lots of countries have made emergency measures to deal with this virus and also to stop this virus from further spread. It is very important for all the countries to put aside their ego and develop the system where everyone is equal and women are given the same opportunities like men. That is where we can make the world a more resilient and peaceful place.(Alam, 2020)


Corona virus has impacted almost everyone, but I would be talking about women mainly in this topic. Like for the single women who lives alone, this corona virus has destroyed her business, as there was lock-down in US which stopped everything and people were forced to stay at their homes, and thing this is just the one women thing about the millions of women all around the world. For the local worker who want works in a factory or restaurant, covid19 means no job for them, and the working at these restaurant are also fired. The number of unemployment has increased a very big number as there are millions of women, losing their jobs, increase in depression and also increase in their mental health issues are all the effect of this virus. While everyone is facing a lot of challenges think of the women who are the only earners in their family.

Covid19 is increasing day by day especially I will be talking about the US 117 million cases and 2.5 million death all over the world. In the USA, the cases have increased by a huge number and the US has confirmed that it has reported more new cases than any other country,which might have been caused byits geographical location. All the states of the US are infected especially the California.

Almost 28.5 million cases are reported in the US according to the (CDC). Testing for the virus was in difficult stages in the initial phase with the testing kits were found defective. The US has done 349 million tests of corona till now, which is the highest number of tests done by any country in the world. As the virus is still spreading in the US,which is why their economy is dealt as well with less jobs and work opportunities especially for the women, In order to further stop this virus to spread the state is taking further steps to shut down restaurants, cancel the events, marriage halls and large public gathering, because of which the entire mankind is suffering.At the end of 2020 many countries lifted all the restrictions and reopened all the things like schools and restaurant, because they were thinking that their residents will suffer with poverty that is why they were forced to reopen all the things even though that was too early. And as the result people began to again lose control of themselves as they were not wearing the mask which caused lots of new cases every day. And US was the country with the highest number of cases. The government works towards this virus has caused lots of trouble for them by the residents and they were facing the issues of the lack of the government guidance, especially in a survey which stated that US adults and women were not satisfied with the government response towards the corona virus and they were also criticized that Germany and the UK were taking better in action than the US.

Covid19’svaccine is available in the US, but however misfortune is that the local citizens of US say that they would not get the Covid’s vaccine even after its usage.Around 70m vaccines are available in the US with only 15 % being received by the public.

Around 500 Thousand people of US have died in the US because of this corona virus as of march 4 , 2021 , these are highest amount of deaths in the US than any other disease like car accident , flu or suicide , at first no one ever thought that this virus would had such an devastating impact on the people life. U.S believe that around 10000 people in the US would lose their jobs, and the number of death would also increase. Especially the adults are the one that will be at the higher risk. And this will be at the serious health risk as well…………………..

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