What is your assessment of Brodsky’s performance? Please be specific.

After analyzing the case, it can be assessed that the performance of Brodsky with respect to his functions in the company, which included the proper management of sales and marketing function of the company, was below average. As the vice president of sales and marketing was supposed to create strong relationship with his Peers and employees, which, in turn, would enable him to attain hands on information for the main source, which comprised of peers and employees. However, it can be assessed that Brodsky did not succeed in maintaining effective or strong relation with his peers and employees due to his lack of interpersonal skills, motivation and his distant nature, as he kept his work and family life separate and never shared with his peers and lacked the motivation to engage in recreational activities with his subordinates.Additionally, he kept himself distant form other employees and avoided interaction with his subordinates, which created issues that went against the strategy proposed by Keller. Furthermore, the vice president of marketing and sales was supposed to maintain strong relationships with the customers to identify the customers’ needs and better equip himself and devise strategies that would help the company to meet their requirement, while increasing the sales of the company in the market. However, it can be assessed that Brodsky failed to create strong relationships with the customers, due to which he was not able to identify customers’ requirement and determine the root cause of their demands. Moreover, the vice president of sales and marketing was supposed to maintain strong ties with the distributors, as it was evaluated that the key to a successful brew manufacturer was based on strong relationships with its distributors, who were responsible for introducing the product of the company to the end consumers. However, it can be assessed that Brodsky failed miserably in establishing strong ties with the distributors given the lack of negotiation skills and his distant nature. This could be evaluated from a situation in the case, in which, at the time of annual distributor meeting, where Keller discovered that almost half of the distributors were not attending and by the time he had reviewed that list, Brodsky had left for weekend and was unreachable at that time. In that case Keller and other area manager spent most of their weekend personally calling each distributor, as it was crucial for the company’s long-term success that major distributors attend this meeting. Additionally, during Munich Trip several important distributors planned a weekend fishing trip, which Brodsky declined to join. This showed his inability to engage on an interpersonal level with the most crucial element, which could be attributed towards the success of the organization.

What action should Keller take at this time?

After analyzing the case, it is recommenced that Keller should fire Brodsky and give appropriate appraisal increment by analyzing the inflation, which would retain him in the company as it is difficult to find qualified replacement fluent in English language. Furthermore, Keller should develop effective performance improvement plans, which would focus on increasing his communication skills and establish negotiation classes or he could also take Brodsky on board, so that he could observe Keller’s negotiation tactics………………

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