Wimbley Stadium London Case Solution & Answer

Wimbley Stadium London Case Solution

Degree of Rivalry

The degree of rivalry in the UK is quite high, but it can easily be maintained if Wembley Stadium keeps on maintaining its quality services and further works on the factors that helps it in regenerating its position in the market, such as: an increase in number of services and its global expansion. Also, Exhibit 1 shows the precise model of the porters five forces model of Wembley Stadium London.

Swot Analysis

The Swot Analysis of Wembley Stadium London indicates:(Eastman, 2016)


The strength of Wembley stadium London is its venue’s accessibility. Its location is close to the stadium’s pitch. It is also convenient for spectators. Wembley has a large capacity, and is ideal for events, such as: football matches. The site is surrounded by a park and is easily accessible. Its proximity to other major cities makes it a good choice for concerts and events.Unlike other stadiums; the stadium’s roof is retractable, making it ideal for rainy weather. Its roof can be raised or lowered by about a third. Despite its size, the stadium is still over-used, but only because of its multiple events. Wembley is the home of the English football champions.


There are numerous strengths of Wembley Stadium London. It has excellent views, a landscaped concourse and no expense was spared in making it look as good as it does. Seats are comfortable. Its main weakness is that the roof is very close to the crowd. Even the fans don’t have a good view of the game, but that is expected. Residents living near Wembley Stadium have voiced concerns about the impact of the stadium. If it is at full capacity, and residents may experience an increase in the anti-social behavior, traffic problems and air quality. This has led to a report from the council’s planning committee, noting that the stadium’s impact on the surrounding area is high and that mitigation measures are required to minimize this impact.


The stadium’s unique design also opens up a variety of additional sporting opportunities.In addition to a baseball diamond, soccer fields and football fields; the venue can also host an elevated running track above the pitch. Another opportunity is an outdoor tennis court surrounded by a climbing wall. Wembley Stadium London is also the only stadium in the world to feature an aircraft warning beacon. The new complex can hold a wide variety of different events, including: concerts and festivals. It also holds the employment opportunities for the people who are required to work in different shifts.


There have been extensive recent discussions regarding security at the Wembley Stadium London. There has been a huge rise in threats and attacks, and police has been working around the clock to ensure that the stadium remains safe. One particular threat was made by East European gangsters, who were thought to be behind the bombing of the Sydney Olympic stadium. Many people were concerned about the safety of the workers in the cranes who were working to rebuild the stadium. Exhibit 2 shows the precise model of SWOT analysis affecting Wembley stadium.

Pest Analysis

Pest Analysis refers to different Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors affecting the Wembley Stadium, London. These factors play an important role in analyzing the Wembley’s current market trends and help in developing strategies to promote its future growth.

Political factors

The political debate around Wembley stadium London has been a hot discussion point for a decade now. The British government has remained unmoved by the public outcry over the project, but concerns over the stadium’s history and current state have significantly grown. The construction of the new national stadium has been plagued by delays, management issues and spiraling costs. In fact, the project has been postponed by more than two years since the deal for the existing Wembley Stadium London was sealed.The decision to demolish Wembley is a reflection of the prevailing culture and the political climate.

Economic factors

Wembley Stadium’s economic impact is directly tied to the local economy.The Economic Forces Affecting Wembley Stadium London: The stadium’s impact on the local economy depends on the proximity to the stadium. The closer the stadium is; the greater the impact. In addition, the nearby area will benefit from a 7% increase in property prices. This is a significant boost to the local economy. For Wembley Stadium to attract the NFL; it must be a destination of choice for the international sports events.

Social factors

Wembley Stadium London is a major public-private project, and as such, it is vital that all the stakeholders are satisfied with the outcome. The WNSL has an interest in maintaining an environmentally-sound stadium, and Sport England was aware of the public-sector interests being subordinated to the interests of the bank. Ultimately, the project will benefit the entire community by providing monetary and regeneration opportunities.

Technological factors

The stadium is one of the most iconic places in London and the UK, and has a rich history of both the military and the Imperial regime. In 2007, the stadium opened to host the Live Earth concert to highlight the impact of climate change on the society. Today, the technological advances that will impact the arena are still in the works, but in the near future; the stadium will be able to host even higher bandwidths.

Implementation of strategic resources

In order to implement strategic resources that are of concern for Wembley stadium; we need to look after different analyses and all the external and internal factors that help Wembley in driving towards future growth. Upon investigating, we have found out that Wembley needs to develop a new stadium in different localities to expand its business. By doing so, a secure position which the stadium has in the market becomes more secure and competitive.

Expansion of Business in global markets

Before expanding a business internationally; a company needs to understand the legal systems of various countries which it has decided to target. Many countries have strict legal requirements, and the companies must study government regulations and industry’s specific requirements before they begin their operations. A thorough analysis of the legal system of each country is essential to determine the feasibility of a given market expansion. Other considerations include the cost of resources and labor, local taxes and labor shortages. Hiring a local attorney to handle these issues is also advisable. Once a business has defined its niche and established a customer base in the target market; it can start to expand its operations globally. (Anwar, 2003)


One of the major reasons for NFL’s global expansion is a new television deal. By creating a stadium in Mexico City; the NFL can build its first stadium outside the United States.The expansion of stadiums will also allow for alternative uses. Besides hosting football games; these stadiums can serve as business centers, office buildings and residential units……………………

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