William Wrigley Jr: Company Case Case Solution & Answer

William Wrigley Jr: Company Case 

Increase the number of products and markets

After the merger, the company can be more oriented towards the product line that two different ideas about one product increase the innovation. The synergy increase the number of products with market differentiation and also increases the markets on remaining countries where Mars and Wrigley are not operating.

Increase the rate of investment and research

After the merger, both the companies earn more profit with higher demand for multiple products in different countries. Increase in revenue generates new opportunities for the merged companies to make investments on different projects and also the company can advance the research and development technology of the company by investing in these centres.

3. Is this a merger of equals?

A merger become equal when both of the companies are the same line of production and same size to be merged. The companies have a same valued of revenue in 2007 before the merger. The value of revenue for companies is about the same as $5.4 billion. It means yes; the merger is of equals.

SWOT Analysis of Merger:


The major strength for both the companies after a merger is the research and development centre improves much more. Management effectiveness increases. The market for both the ventures should be same easy to target. The increase in revenue and merger makes the brand stronger with two innovative teams. Strong marketing to increase sales.


The weaknesses which both companies face after merger are difference in cultures of two companies. Conflict in taking decisions regarding sales and production. Assimilation issues also face by the companies.


The major opportunity after the merger is to increase in ratio of market expansion with a huge base of assets which helps the companies to earn more profits. Reduce the taxes because after merger now the tax is paid by Single Corporation.


The threat which Mars and William faces after the merger is that both the companies has the threat of employees retention because most of the employees are not happy with diversified environment so they may be leave the organization which will be loss for the company because all the employees are most experienced and loyal towards organization.


The head of mergers in Mars company looking for the merger with a company through which they diversified the markets and increase the number of products in the market. In the 2008 Mars merge with the William Wrigley Company. The conversation between both the parties starts from 2005 and reaches to merger point in 2008. The Mars paid the $263 billion to Wrigley for merger. Wrigley was a good option for mars because this company operates globally about in the 50 countries. The merger of both the companies is equal in value, with a lot of advantages and future opportunities. The merger of both the companies reduce the competition in the market of chocolate and candies industry in United States. The value of both the companies increase with the the last we conclude that the merger is beneficial for both of the companies…….

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