Wikispeed Case Solution & Answer

Wikispeed Case Solution 

The company used agility approach in the product development process as well. They hired cheaper technologies and machines that could be reassembled with the changing demand.The company adapted to agile approach by forming a set of steps or rules,which it followed while producing the product.The company involved testing and repetitive testing each stage of product development which helped to produce the product without any flaws. Mostly the test was to check that the different parts of the products were carried out by the teams but incurred a lot of cost, which they eliminated by the use of computer graphics. The computer graphics were then matched with the actual testing analytics to ensure the validity and reliability. In addition to this, the company organized the agile approach in product development by the series of stepping in which the role and vision of the product were communicated clearly coinciding with the product owner story,after which it elevated the people by brainstorming to find a tangible approach to the product vision which enabled the team to start working with efficient and attainable approach.This step was followed by validating the tests to ensure that the testing technique measure exactly what it was supposed to measure by computer graphics. Furthermore,the teams managed and prioritized the tasks that were of subsequent value and then analyzed them at every next step. This process of product development reduced the working days to complete the project as well as the dependency of team to work when the work of other team would be completed. This process of scrum and agility to gether reduced the labor cost of the company and made it highly flexibility, customizable and adaptive to the changing demands and buying behaviors. (Extreme Manufacturing Explained, 2013) (Schooenderwoert, Mar 18, 2015)

  • There are number of elements of Agile that are used by Wikispeed.

Customer Focus

At Wikispeed, by using agile approach, the work proceeded by trying identifying what the customer wants, defining those wants in terms of tests, prioritizing which tests are to be worked on, working in short cycles to deliver features or products that meet the tests, finding out from customers whether that is what they really want and then continuing the cycles once again. It isa shift from working in a hierarchy aimed at doing what the upper manage might dictate, to continuously iterating to find the best way to test and meet the customers’ continuously changing needs……………

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