Whole Foods Case Case Study Solution

Business Report

Whole food has been owning and operating a chain of organic and natural food supermarkets located in the UK, the US and Canada. The organizational strategy is to serve multiple markets including high-end by differentiating product offerings and quality, developing a strong competitive and leading position in the market. It maintains the value proposition by incorporating technology, human resource and unique selling experience to delight the customers.

The corporate level strategy of Whole Food is organic expansion approach through small acquisition which aim to increase the amount of stores and the reach of the company throughout the US market arena. Since, the company has been underperforming, it has pondered to strategically emphasize to develop a concept of new store which would be aiming at price sensitivity and millennial shoppers which the company has called 365. Until recently, the company has taken a broad and generic differentiation approach for carving an exclusive position in highly competitive food industry. In addition, the product portfolio includes unique, local, and predominantly natural products offering which has supported a differentiation strategy and a customer perception of uniqueness and exclusivity.

It provides product online and offline unique shopping experience, customer-centric focused on target segment. The company has contemplated to eliminate entire paychecks images, not only this but also to explore new ways and opportunities to provide tailored omnichannel customer experience.  The business strategy of Whole Food is to drive sales through digital and strategic change, promote a customer centric approach by selling high-end quality products, best food delivery services and management of retail operation to create a unique shopping experience and to move commodity to digital platform………


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