IMD-2-0146 © 2009
Ionescu-Somers, Aileen; Billington, Corey; Braga, Tania

The case illustrates the probable businesses that must drive innovation as a way to reach CO2 reduction goals that are challenging. Climate Savers is a program to transform sector and company into leaders on energy and climate alternatives.

The case files Johnson & Johnson ’s capital aid financing for CO2 reduction projects, which has brought the interest of supervisors in several businesses within different sectors. The capital scheme has successfully led to the decrease of Johnson & Johnson’s corporate CO2 emissions allowing 80 climate friendly energy projects to take off in less than five years and by eliminating budgeting obstacles.


Learning objectives: 1) Provide effective arguments that challenging CO2 reduction goals cause initiation and are thus great for company development and escalation. 2) Showcase an advanced business model to make sure financing for jobs that need longer than regular payback times. 3) Show the best way to get rid of budgeting obstacles and immediately take off the earth energyefficiency and renewable energy endeavors.

Subjects: Climate change; Innovation; Corporate responsibility
Settings: Consumer health care; Global; Medical devices & diagnostics; 117,000 employees; 1999–2009

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