Nowadays, innovation has becomevital for the success of any company therefore,Westridge should focus on the innovative products to manufacture as the customers prefernew and better products. The company should notonly focus on the product innovation, but it should also explore new ways of distribution and find anew technique for the manufacturing. Moreover, the marketing department should formulate new offers to the existing and prospective customers so that the customer base will increase and that the company will prosper in the future.


The company should diversify its raw material range and increase the purchases from new suppliers thatprovide better discounts, as this will reduce the dependency on the existing suppliers as well as it would decrease the cost of goods sold. The diversification strategy not only focuses on an economicmaterial but it also states that the company should consider the quality of the material and ensurethat whether the quality is up to the standard or not.

Manufacturing Time of Products:

Wood Door Spray Stain:

Exhibit 1 shows that the cycle time spenton wooden doors’ spray stain is 776 minutes per box, which indicates less than the minutes per box in Wipe stain product. This product of the company has accounted for 25% to 30% of the total volume of the company. However, the backlog days in spray stain product are thehighest among the range of the products as it stands at 11.25 days. Furthermore, transfersfrom the department to department also take much time as the processing of the material takes a whole day in a single department.

Wood Door Wipe Stain:

Exhibit 1 indicates that the cycletime spent on the wipe stain product is 875 minutes per box,which is higher than the spray stain. Moreover, the wipe stain has less backlog days, which indicates that this product can be efficiently producedby the workers. Department to department transfer timings are same as the spray stain is 10 days asthis product is also processed in alldepartments since spray stain requires a day to be processed in a single department.

Thermo foil Doors:

Exhibit 1 specifies that the cycle time spenton this product are 175 minutes per box. The sales and the volume of Thermo foil are less than the wooden doors sincethe demand for this product is low. Moreover, the department transfers timing is 15 days as the material spends 3 days in a single department.

Melamine Doors:

As shown in Exhibit 1 the cycle time spenton the melamine doors is64 minutes per box, which is the least among any other product of the company. The product also has low backlog hours, which indicates that the product is efficiently produced by the company. However, the department transfer time is too high as the material is transferred in 6 days from one department to another.

Bottleneck in Production

The bottleneckfor the production of the company is the assemblydepartment as it has the highest backlog days as compared to other departments. This should be the concerned factor for the company to improve itsefficiency of the assembly department. The customers are dissatisfied due to delays in assembly department…………………..

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