WESTON NURSERIES, INC (A) Case Solution & Answer


The company purchased about 300 acres of hilly, rough and rocky, deserted farmland in Hopkinton. This location provides a wide range of opportunities to the company to distinctly expand the growing seasons and manufacture crops similar to those in the more southern region. The company started its operations in Weston and moved the entire nursery to Hopkinton. Moreover, the company installed the drainage tiles on the land in order to drain the massive hard pan subsoil. In order to grow the crops, the company builds the roads, and boulders grubbed out to carve out area to grow. New buildings, greenhouses, new facilities and design are reconstructed in Hopkinton in order to facilitate the customers. After the fall of 1944, the company decided that it would manufacture several small crops in its newly purchased land, which helped the company in maintaining its leadership position in the market as well as assisted in increasing the crops.

Peter entered the market in 1996,bothWayne and Roger spentapproximately six months in discussing the same issues of how to manage the resources and accountabilities of the company by using the effective marketing and sales tools. Moreover, Wayne viewed that the entry of Peter is necessary for the future of the company as they believed that it has the capabilities and skills through that they lead the company to the success. Peter provided marketing and sales supported to the company and through that the company improved its financial position in the market as well as generated approximately $2 billion of revenue in 1994. After becoming the manager of the company, Peter improved his roles in the growing commercial sales and company madenearly $1.5 million in 1997 and under the adverse condition the company earned approximately $3.5 million in 2000. In order to increase the sales, the company utilizedthe standard calling efforts to the regular customers as well as set monthly targets. Due to the lack of formal structure, Peter was amazed from Weston. The reason behind this is that both Roger and Wayne did not operate thebusiness efficiently; as they both believed that they are the farmers and in farmer business operation they just need just to harvest the plants and crop foods. However, Peter claimed that if the company wants to achieve maximum growth in the nursery product that it is necessary for the company to look at the big pictures of the opportunities and avoid traditional strategies which are not working in today’s business dynamics.  Therefore, still company was stand in the same position as how the company fastened its operations and reduced the risk in the former industry.

The main issue with Wayne and Roger is that they do not have the capabilities and skills to deal with these issues. As a result, both of them decided that it will implement the new leadership strategies in the organization through that they can easily improve the capabilities of the organization as well improves the communication system of the organization. They decided that it would implement new management tools and system in the organization and through that it would efficiently manage the activities of the workers as well as the outside competitors………………..

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