West-ridge Cabinets Case Solution & Answer

West-ridge Cabinets Case Solution


“Westridge Cabinet Company” is the cabinet manufacturer which significantly operates in Canada and the US. The company consists of approximately “150,000 square foot” space for manufacturing. The company has diverse range of products style i.e. it offers 50 different types of category and styles of cabinets.The company serves  both the local customer and the builders. The administrator took the necessary measurement and placed orders before “8-14” week of the delivery.

The company has been involving similar plant since 30 years for assembling the items. The individual is employed for the booking and establishing the points in time of the plant so the plant limit can be augment.  However, the plant is used according to the fluctuations in customer’s level. It has been seen that the products delivery is deferred for the most part because of the additional time taken by the producer. The suitable assembling time for product manufacturing is about 8-9 days yet maker took more time than this which straightforwardly influences the organization’s overall competitiveness.

Problem statement

The organization is confronting few challenges currently regarding its requesting and fabricating process. The company is considering processes to eliminate these issues so that it can build profitability and advancement. Another main problem that arises is that the ordering department confirms the order without seeing the manufacturing capacity of the company. This means that the products demand are comparatively higher than its capacities.


West-ridge goals and objectives

Following are the main goals of the West-ridge Cabinet Company;

  • The company wants to increase its capacity towards manufacturing site so that it can meet its customer’s demand and expectations
  • The organization needs to make a quick arrangement as it’s the ideal opportunity for making organization’s month to month financial plan. Additionally, the director needs to take care of this issue without expanding the company’s expenses.
  • The company main goal is to improve the delivery conditions because it is the main problem that impacts the company’s position in the market.
  • The company also wants to achieve its global presence by implementing proper strategies that help in boosting its market competitiveness.


Throughput time

The “throughput” time is the total amount of time taken by the product to manufacture. The ideal “throughput” time of the firm is the time given to the manufacturers to produce limited amount of products. Whereas, by absolving inactive days, the genuine throughput time has been determined of the firm. Moreover, by calculating the average throughput time, it has been seen that the manufacturers were taken too long then the given time. For instance; the normal time given to the manufacturer for products manufacturing was about 8-9 days (which is the normal throughput time) but its manufacturers were taking more than 10 days, which delayed the deliveries and affects the company competitiveness.


West-ridge Inventory

The company has been using the same manufacturing plant for the past 30 years for the manufacturing of the company. Currently, the company is facing difficulties in the inventory of the products. This plant needs to be replaced or maintained because the company is facing immense amount of issues in the delivery procedures. The company does not have sufficient inventory capacity which needs to be maintained so that when the customers place orders; the company would have enough inventory so that it would not affect and delay the orders’ delivery.


In order to achieve its goals and objectives, the company needs to focus on the following parameters:

Design of supply chain

The organization needs a tremendous measure of progress and improvement in it supply chain network. The unrefined substances should be delivered on schedule to the assembling division so it doesn’t defer the assembling system. Additionally, the organization ought to make its inventory network better so that the products would be delivered to customers on time.


The design of the assembling division of the organization ought to be grown so it provides an ease to both the makers and staff. Since layout is responsible for the effective manufacturing and delivering, so it is very important for the firm to improve its layout design.

Human Resource management

The company should hire experienced professionals and technicians in order to decrease the delivery time and achieve its desired goals.


The booking of stock, assembling and conveyances ought to be made by an expert, for example, the manager, who will assist the organization with planning its stock cycle, fabricating processes and on-time conveyances.


Maintenance is very important part to achieve the desired and efficient use of plants and inventories. Quarterly maintenance of the machineries is important for the efficient and long term use of machines i.e. the plant used by the company for almost 30 days needs continuous maintenance to achieve desired long term results.


“Cause-Effect-Cause” thought process

In order to identify the constraints, the cause-effect-cause though process applies to the cause of the company to book more orders than their overall manufacturing capacity. This effects the company’s deliveries and shipping.

For instance; the company is facing the problem of delayed deliveries due to the large amount of orders taken by the booking department. The department needs to book orders according the capacity of the company inventory and manufacturing department. The company needs to look into this “cause” by proposing the strategies that helped the company to reduce the cause and improve its manufacturing and delivering constraints. (See Appendix 1)


To fix the issue experienced by the company, the compromises has been made in several domains. For instance the company hired the professional for the testing of the plant, the professional is responsible for the complete hour testing of the plant, and he was responsible to made sure that the plant performed 8 hours a day in prior setting. Moreover, the company further analyze and redesign all of the formative operational strategy in terms of supply chain, manufacturing layout, scheduling etc.

The delayed delivery of the products results in the least finances and low profit of the company. The company started losing its clients, but due to all these issues, the company stood remain, proposed and implement formative techniques to achieve desired results………………………….

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