WebOrganic: Creating a Blue Ocean for a Social Cause Case Solution

During a mission to “hope, opportunity and choice” for disadvantaged students, corporate social Erwin Huang began selling quality WebOrganic computers and Internet service to students at prices below market. In its first year of operation, the company had already served more than 7,000 low-income families, and had expanded to become a distributor of technology to become a supplier of a service in its own online learning surroundings. Now in its second year, continues WebOrganic facing resistance from parents and educators in adopting e-learning, as introduced tablet computers to its product range. This case concerns the creation of a blue ocean in the areas of overlap in the retail market for computer services and Internet and e-learning market more. Ideas for the design and execution of blue ocean strategy is explored, including issues such as the value of innovation, the scheme of the four actions and leadership turning point. The case also concerns the concepts of strategic relationship management and social entrepreneurship.
Penny Lau,
Julie Yu-Hung Hsua
Source: University of Hong Kong
19 pages.
Date Posted: December 10, 2012. Prod #: HK1001-PDF-ENG
WebOrganic: Creating a blue ocean for a social cause Case Solution

WebOrganic: Creating a Blue Ocean for a Social Cause Case Solution
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