IMD-3-1876 © 2007
Fischer, William A.; Chung, Rebecca

This opening note belongs to the suite of teaching products which uses China as an illustration of the supervisory ramifications arised from the so-called War for Talent; and is planned to produce understandings into “the best ways to finest play the talent video game” in China; or in other places.

We intend to create an abundant and interactive class conversation of the concerns raised amongst experienced company specialists; by embracing a range of fascinating teaching formats: an opening note; 4 cases; an “appraisal workout” and a video. In certain; this note provides the significant talent-related concerns that both foreign and regional magnate in China are dealing with today.

War For Management Talent In China Case Solution

Being intentionally short; the note is developed to supply fast familiarity with the “big-picture” concerns relating to talent in China today. Knowing goals: Among the vital concerns in talent management to be dealt with in this suite of teaching products; the following are the most main for the knowing of class individuals: 1) Since sizing up possible prospects is the very first and most essential action of talent management; exactly what attributes should a company leader appearance for to fulfill the proficiency requirements today and to prepare for the future?

Subjects: Human resources; China; Talent management; Leadership succession; Emerging markets
Settings: All; China; 2007

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