Walt Disney Case Solution & Answer

Walt Disney Case Solution

The Walt Disney’s Parks and Resorts

The Walt Disney Company has a Walt Disney World Resort in Florida along side Disney’s cruise line, the Disney Resort in California, the Disney Spa and Resort in Hawaii, and Vacation Club of Disney and Adventures by Disney. Walt Disney Company also has a Disneyland in Hong Kong. Furthermore, it also operates Disneyland Resorts in Shanghai and Paris. These resorts are formed on miles of land. For example, in Florida, about the resort is built 25,000 acres of the land. The resorts include theme parks, vacation club properties, a retail dining and entertainment complex, a sports complex, conference centers, golf courses, campgrounds, water parks and other recreational facilities in order to entertain visitors through the various places. Disney’s Magic Kingdom consists of around six theme areas that include Adventure land, Frontier land, Fantasy land, Liberty Square, Tomorrow land, and Main Street USA. There are further subdivisions of Hollywood Studios, Daily parades, and Disneyland resort as well.

The Walt Disney’s Studio Entertainment

Studio Entertainment of Walt Disney is considered as the one of its viable business. The Studio Entertainment fragment of Disney also includes vast group of entertainment in it. It includes live-action and animated motion pictures, musical recordings, live stage plays, and video content. Furthermore, The Company creates films under Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel, Touchstone, and Lucasfilm banners. The Disney Music Group (DMG) holds Walt Disney Records, Disney Music Publishing, Hollywood Records, and Buena Vista Concerts. Theatrical Group of Disney develops designs, produces and licenses live events of entertainment on Broadway across the globe.

Cable network of Disney accommodates to national programming network and licenses television programming domestically as well as internationally. A huge part of revenue is subject to the fees charges to the satellite, cable, and telecommunication services providers. These operators manage under multi-year agreements. The programming that is produced by the cable networks is distributed through DVD format with the help of the home entertainment division within the Studio Entertainment Division. This is possible through online channels like and by using services of third party like iTunes as well.

The Walt Disney’s Interactive

The interactive group of Walt Disney is engaged in the creation of games along with their publication and licensing. Furthermore, it manages mobile game applications side by side with development of games. Walt Disney also generated gateway to initiate online gaming on social media channels. Furthermore, the company smoothly creates and distributes online, handheld, and mobile games worldwide, which are based on Disney created features.  It produces virtual and mobile games that are sold on distribution across the world. The mobile games are launched for android phones and tablets. In addition, Disney’s Club Penguin is an online game that has its virtual reality and it maintains within itself a wide range of the activities and games.

Children switch to the games earlier and just as early widen the market of video games. However, this does prompt Walt Disney Company to be innovate rapidly in the industry. Nevertheless, it maintains its huge presence in the video games. Moreover, The Walt Disney Company has a huge investment of $350 for development of its in-house video game. The Walt Disney Company has acquired Playdom Inc., which is one of the largest developers and publishers of the online social games. Through this acquisition, it has compensated the effects of insignificant presence of Walt Disney in the social media platform. Hence, with the Playdom’s acquisition, Disney’s portfolio of the games has become broad. For instance, Sorority life; Bola, and Market Street were the new and diverse titles owned by Playdom, Inc. The company was able to draw approximately 42 million players in a month. ……………………

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