Wal-Mart Update 2011 Case Solution

In 2011, Wal-Mart was the first company in the world, 420 million in sales and operations in 14 countries. However, he found himself looking at the growth strategy of the right forward. Comparable store sales in the United States had declined for eight consecutive quarters, and Wal-Mart has become increasingly dependent on international sales. Meanwhile, intense competition coming from the different actors, ranging from discount stores generally dollar stores to online retailers. What Wal-Mart should do as its traditional markets and safer basic skills growth rate it had enjoyed for decades in the past?
David B. Yoffie,
Kim Renee
Source: Harvard Business School
10 pages.
Release: June 15, 2011. Prod #: 711546-PDF-ENG
Update Wal-Mart in 2011 Case Solution

Wal-Mart Update 2011 Case Solution
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