Wal-Mart China: Tian Tian Pingjia Case Solution

Having taken since the division was Scott Price, interim CEO of Wal-Mart China, to lay the foundation of the hand power over the reins to new CEO with an idea of ​​where it was indicated. At the end of his mission, the price would write a report with recommendations to help position the next leader to be even more successful. What is the day to day operations as in 2012? Was there any emergency along the line? When Wal-Mart China has been placed and where the market is headed?
Elliott N. Weiss,
Paul J Simko,
Marc W. Modica,
Li Wei,
Gerry Yemen
Source: Darden School of Business
20 pages.
Date Posted: April 25, 2012. Prod #: UV6045-PDF-ENG
Wal-Mart China: Tian Tian case Pingjia Solution

Wal-Mart China: Tian Tian Pingjia Case Solution
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