Wal-Mart and Bharti: Transforming Retail in India Case Solution

The November 27, 2006 Bharti Enterprises Ltd (“Bharti”), one of the leading business groups in India and the U.S. retail giant Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (“Wal-Mart”), entered into a joint venture with an equal partnership for both companies. The partnership will give Wal-Mart access to the retail market in India highly regulated, which was estimated at $ 320 million. Bharti will own franchised stores Wal-Mart and companies operate jointly in the areas of Indian industry retail that was accessible to foreign investors, such as logistics and cash and-carry. It was hoped that this alliance between the retail giant in the United States and one of the largest business houses in India to successfully bring a dose of modernity in the Indian distribution landscape. One may wonder, however, how Wal-Mart faces opposition clash between the local shop owners and civil rights groups because of its bad reputation for social responsibility. In addition, the state of the transport system of the country was very poor and the question remains how Wal-Mart plans? Piece model management supply chain in India.
Indranil Bose,
Shilpi Banerjee,
Edo de Vries Robbe
Source: University of Hong Kong
18 pages.
Date Posted: August 27, 2009. Prod #: HKU845-PDF-ENG
Wal-Mart and Bharti: Transforming Retail in India, if a solution

Wal-Mart and Bharti: Transforming Retail in India Case Solution
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