Waking the Bear (A): “Danonizing” the Bolshevik Biscuit Factory Case Solution

This Case is about Family Enterprise

published: 01 Mar 2000

Direct foreign financial investment in Russia was just 1% of GDP in 1999, and Russian market was just half as effective in that many years as in 1992. It reveals that an Anglo-Saxon-style advanced modification procedure is not consistently the ideal method to continue in Eastern European companies; that the typically accepted targets of swift modification, staff member permission and a flatter hierarchy are not always suitable in these associations in the short-term, furthermore that even the meanings of method, trust and management can vary depending on to cultural circumstance. Case A explains the procedure of changing a Russian association, still run as if it belonged to the Soviet-era prepared economy, to a single with the authority and attitude to work as component of a worldwide company in a free market. Case A reviews these crucial styles.

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