Vlaad & Company Case Solution & Answer

Vlaad & Company Case Solution 

Executive summary

The case sets out to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of recruiting women in the capital market jobs and emphasizes on how to design the initiative of women in the capital market job. In the capital market, women have the same potentials as men. The gender diversity at workplace tends to bring diversified thoughts and creative and innovative ideas, which in turn result in better financial outcomes of the company.

Vlaad & Company is suggested with some specific actions to take, as part of its women in capital markets initiative, such as:offering exceptional networking and professional development opportunities to women at all phases of their career, supporting the advancement of women into roles of senior leadership and providing solutions for an increased retention of top female talent in the market, offering strategies to the organizations for the development and advancement of their diversity and inclusion policies.

To improve the women’s performance and productivity at workplace; the company should provide coaching and training, networking and career development to them in order to leverage the strength of women and abilities for the maximum performance. Women who succeed in the capital market jobs, should have good communication skills. They should also be able to balance the work and family commitments and work passionately and actively for achieving the common gaols of the company. They should have a risk-taking behaviour and they should never stop learning and adopting new ideas and seek to prove their self-worth and value by exceeding the performance expectations.


Vlaad & Company is  one of the leading and valuable Toronto based recruiting firms, which was established in 2007. The firm is specialized in placement and recruitment of the professionals. The company develops long lasting and storing-partnerships with clients and it provides market-relevant and accurate compensation data, exclusive market insights and tailored approach to meet the needs of the recruitment.

The strategy of the company is to provide personalized services and to build trusting relationships with both candidates as well as the-employers. Through focusing on relationships than just simply utilizing the database; the company has enabled itself to focus on the niche of jobs in the capital markets. The company is well positioned in the market after taking the initiative to recruit more women to the jobs of the capital markets for the purpose of moving more women in the capital market jobs.

Problems statement

Being a financial services executive search firm;the company has gained popularity in the Canadian market within shorter period of time, and has made itself able to compete with the rivals in the market. The company is intending to recruit more women in the capital market jobs,due to which the founders of the company are concerned whether the initiative would be successful in the near future and coaching techniques that would make them effective in fulfilling the commitments towards their organizations. Additionally, the company is highly concerned regarding the designs of the initiative of women in the capital market jobs.

Vlaad & Co’s. Women in capital markets initiative is a good idea for the firm/ pros and cons:

The importance of women in capital market jobs has never been questioned. There are many reasons why female professionals are being preferred over men. Women have the same potentials as men have, in the capital market. The idea of bringing women to the front as well as the at the centre of the capital markets is good because of the fact that the diversity brings in diversified thoughts, creative and innovative ideas, which in turn result in better financial outcomes of the company. By bringing women to the front as well as at the centre of the capital market jobs; the company has tended to attempt the creation of more dynamic environment for them, which has the potential to reflect the communities by reaching to women and welcoming them into such field. In addition, the gender diversity in the capital markets, leads the company towards having many benefits, which are discussed below:

  • Adding women in the capital markets jobs tend to bring different perspectives and skills on important issues, such as: risk management and collaboration, all of which positively contribute to the corporate in come and growth.
  • The companies with the highest level of diversity in terms of gender display significantly greater profitability and earnings as compared to their counterparts.
  • As men and women differs in terms of the strengths and cognitive functions, reflecting the difference in brain function and structure. These brain differences last impact on the performance in learning environment with distinct areas of vulnerability and strength.
  • The improved gender diversity is related with an improved performance of the company, greater retention of employees and higher employees’engagement.(Steenbarger, 2020).

The growth of the organization is highly dependent on the culture of diversity and inclusion. The decision to recruit more women in the capital market jobs would ensure the development of the creative as well as innovative ideas, within the firm. In this day and age, where money is the main driver of the business world; the best way to increase the bottom line is to hire more women and giving them the tools they need to make money on their own. As they are trained and mentored in the areas that matter most to them, they will be less likely to seek out a job outside their industry, and they will be far more likely to stay working within their industries.

In addition to this, adding women in the capital market jobs would allow the company to attract global, talented as well as ambitious professionals,appreciating the opportunity for personal as well as professional growth. Furthermore, number of working methods, experience’s well as expertise offered by the addition of women, lead towards greater productivity, tending to bring healthy competition and allowing the team to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Women who are great at explaining complicated financial products to the customers, can help in increasing the sales by allowing the customers to use their products more effectively. The customer should also become  loyal if the employees hired communicate well with them……………………

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