Vision Mumbai Case Solution

In 2006 the officials of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and Maharashtra have started? Implement a plan to improve the economic situation of the city. Mumbai, formerly Bombay, was the richest city in India, with wealth based on trade, finance and film. But the city is also famous for its vast slums, the terrible traffic jams and poor infrastructure. And while the Indian economy has experienced rapid growth since the late 1980s, Mumbai seems to lose ground to other Indian cities like Bangalore and other regional financial centers such as Shanghai and Dubai. The plan of the city plans to relax land use and rent control regulations and building new infrastructure in order to make it more accessible and livable Mumbai. The housing is designed to support a debate on the justification of regulation and political economy of regulatory reform. Number HKS case 1917.0
José Gómez-Ibáñez,
Sheikh Zahid Masood
20 pages.
Publication Date: June 1, 2008. Prod #: HKS119-PDF-ENG
Case Solution Vision Mumbai

Vision Mumbai Case Solution
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