Vinsun Infra Engineering: Erp On Premise Or On Cloud Case Solution & Answer

Vinsun Infra Engineering: Erp On Premise Or On Cloud Case Solution


Vinsun Infra Engineering Company is a startup company which was established by Sunil Satav in 2002. The company has struggled throughout the period and has managed to achieve a significant position in the market.It started with total of 60 employees in the market. Vinsun Infra engineering company offers its services for devices industries, residential and commercial industries. The services include civil and electrical. The company is also facilitating the institutes and their different campuses. Vinsun’s services are majorly focused in Indore and it covered almost 40% cold storage of Indore and nearby areas. Vinsun is a stable company and has sufficient resources which enables it to provide services with a collaboration in the projects of civil engineering in telecommunication industry. The company is providing services within diversified industries and has also been working on exploring the other new segments. Along with that Vinsun is also working on increasing its employment rate.  Expansion and growth have positive sides but along with that, growth causes a few negative issues in the company as well. The growth and expansion possess the issue of information management. Currently Vinsun was using simple excel data sheets to store the data but it was not a permanent solution, because with time; the number of files are increasing and so is the overflow of the information. And that needs a permanent solution. Huge number of files created the issue of data integrity, errors, and unemployment. The number of errors in the operations and biding was increasing, whenever Satav won any bidding, he found that they reviewed the old pricing patterns. The pricing information in the data was outdated and was generating negative NPV. The data management was poor and it worsened the situation for the company. So, Satav analyzed the issues and asked to look for the solutions and alternatives. It was important for company to maintain its competitive advantage and strategic position in the industry. Satav suggested that ERP can help in managing the data and solving the company’s issues. In meeting the responses were mixed and no any particular decision was made so, Satav decided to bring CIO of the company on board and asked Ruchira to analyze this option and come up any best solution.

Problem statement

As the company was a startup business with total of 60 employees but it was still in its growth phase. The company was offering it electrical and civil services to various industries.The data related to the clients and pricing was increasing and the company was becoming dependent on the excel sheets, but it was not enough. Satav was facing the mismanagement issues on the data and outdated data’s presence was affecting the business operations negatively. The data was providing the negative net present vales of the projects. The business nature was unable to afford that type of issues in the data because they were highly dependent on the data available and their future projects was also dependent on these data. The errors in the data was not serving that purpose. So Satav gave a suggestion that ERP can be a solution and he asked CIO to work on this and provide solutions with proper justification(Bharadwaj, 2013)…………………

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