Vail Ski Resorts Goes High Tech for High Touch Case Solution & Answer

Vail Ski Resorts Goes High Tech for High Touch Case Solution

This system helps the business understand the maintenance system of the ski lifts based on the frequent use from the customers. Based on the data collected, the customers get special promotions and rewards that require a particular investment to revisit in order to get higher return.

1.      How do these of the business?

These various types of systems make them think in a way that they are all intended to update the methods which a collective team wants to do. The directors of Vail Ski Resort who are in control gather the database to settle on a superior and right choice in view of the precise information to be gathered in the data framework.

Along with this, the Vail Ski Resort can upgrade the quality and standard of the Vail Ski Resort to attract the customers to select Vail Ski Resort and increase the growth of the business. These systems can assist Vail Ski Resort to identify which type of client is the target client in their showcasing effort.

This is on the grounds that the resort can guarantee to focus on those clients who spend more and giving give them more return and refreshing the development of the business in Vail Ski Resort by utilizing the data frameworks. Vail Ski Resort can give more standard services to benefit the customers when they are in the Vail Ski Resort.

In light of this quality point, Vail Ski Resort should focus on the fulfillment of customers’demands to attract the customers to select this resort in light of the fact that the resort will consider meeting the customers’ needs and demands.

In short, these systems help the businesses to improve the operations in terms of marketing campaigns and targeting the high return customers. These systems help the business to make better decisions about the offerings which would increase the sales and profitability by increasing the customer base.

2.      How do these systems support decision making? Identify three different decisions that can be supported by these systems.

There are three major decisions that resort system supports, which include:

  1. Marketing campaigns
  2. Upgrade of equipment
  3. Increase the profitability

Marketing campaigns can be composed in light of various objectives, including building a brand image, presenting another product, expanding offers of a product as of now available, and also diminishing the effect of negative news.

Marketing campaign is one of the major decisions that help in enhancing the profit by improving the quality of services. It can be made possible by targeting the customers through advertisements, promotions and discounts from which the highest return is expected or possible.

The other is upgrading the equipment or to improve the quality of service that will lead to retaining the customers for a long period of time as well as it would help to attract new customers. Along with this, it will help in fulfilling and satisfying the needs and demands of customers. Therefore, Vail ski Resort can provide the customers with improvement with the help of social networking.

Lastly, the third decision supported by using these systems is to improve and enhance the profitability. This can be possible when the resort will invest in order to gain more profit from the customers. Vail Ski Resort should make differentiation in terms of services and offers as compared to other competitors in the industry in order to gain future growth of business and to achieve higher profits from the investments.

Along with this, the resorts’ new SAS system provides more data through which the resort can improve the motivation of customers and guests as well as it would help analyze the new profitable segments which need to be improved…………………

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