Business case solutions are systems or programs that help your organization find, validate and compare alternatives to identify and evaluate the best solutions for each of your business problems. The main aim of a case study solution is to act as a proof of concept by demonstrating how the new technology can positively affect your company.

Case study solutions can also be very effective in helping you focus on what you really need to do and how you can achieve it. In addition, a case study is easier to perform, more complete and reliable than just general information based solution analysis.

One of the most commonly used case studies is a scenario analysis. A scenario is a generalized description of the situation being analyzed.

The goal of a scenario analysis is to map out a solution to a specific problem. These scenarios are often designed by having your managers or executives to brainstorm and conceptualize the best solutions to specific problems they are trying to solve.

For example: You are developing software for a financial institution. You have a number of different software development tasks which need to be completed. For example:

It would be much easier if you just discussed the software development tasks and included all the software development tasks within your plan. However, this would not be practical because the software development tasks themselves can be time consuming and complex and it would not be practical to write out your entire software development plan for each task separately.

After having discussed the various software development tasks with your executives and managers, you will have developed the rough outline of how your software will be used and how the product will be marketed. It is then time to generate a business case solution by going through the scenario and establishing a logical order of events for all the software development tasks in the software development plan.

A scenario analysis can include each of the software development tasks as a separate activity in the case study solution. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your scenario solution includes all software development tasks.

Scenario analysis is generally limited to a plan for the software development project, including a schedule of when each software development task will be completed. Your business case solution should outline the basic steps for each software development task. This will be your basis for creating the business case analysis plan.

Scenario analysis involves two major steps. The first step is preparing a complete and detailed accounting to plan for your software development project.

In order to prepare your accounting plan, you must first analyze your accounting data and come up with a long-term accounting plan for your software development project. The second step of the case study solution is to generate a logical outline for each software development task. The organization must keep a record of every step taken in the software development project to use as the foundation for the subsequent steps of the case study solution.

Although there are many such cases, there are only a few that stand out from the rest of the information you will encounter. The above case study solutions show how such case studies can work for your organization.

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