The growth of companies is dependent on the market and the supply chain management of the company as well because these both have a significant role in corporate sustainability. However, supply chain management is very essential for a company to achieve its targeted goals and objectives it is because via productive supply chain management the company successfully entertains its consumers as well as it has a vital role in the maintenance of quality. Although Unilever has a brand legacy as well as Lipton has also due to which these have a most influential market position but due to certain issues regarding sustainability the company could not achieve its target goals.

The recombinant approaches which are mentioned above would be produced for the company to regulate the supply chain as well as sustainability. Sustainability is the essential part that ensures the quality of the product and it leads the company to achieve a profitable marketplace as compared to other companies. The analysis of the customer market indicates that a huge range of customers prefers to consume products that are environmentally friendly as well as have positive impacts on health. So, the company must assure the quality of product via certification and other health-supportive approvals that help in the retention of consumers as well as attract huge productive customers that would have a positive impact on the market of the company.

Lipton’s supply chain has various issues which directly and indirectly affect the corporate structure as well as the market value of the company. So, via adopting various approaches in the supply chain the company successfully regulates the supply chain. The most preferred approach is the technological approach that enables Lipton to reduce the extra cost that the company spent on the traditional approaches. The technological approaches would regulate the sustainability as well as help in the maintenance of the quality of the product as well. By using the technological approaches Lipton today achieves a strong market position where according to market research Lipton has the largest consumers of tea across the globe and it has a successful market value in over 150 countries across the globe.

Sustainability refers to the quality of products as well as services and their impacts on the environment. Various companies had strong marketplace and stable financial statements but due to the unavailability of the proper sustainable procedures and approaches, these companies could not handle the customer’s presence as a result of which they could not able to control the market shift. However, Lipton has Rainforest Alliance certification of sustainability that ensure the quality of the product due to which most tea consumers across the world prefer to consume the products of Lipton as it has certified and sustainable tea.

The sustainable approaches are the most significant approaches that enable Lipton to achieve its market place and via the Rainforest Alliance Certification company determined the profitable market palace that boosts the sales of the company as well as successfully captures a strong market position as compared to the other companies as well. The executive members of Unilever and the managing team of Lipton decided to certify the tea sustainability via Rainforest Alliance after the certification of sustainability the sales rate of the company increased, as well as the company, achieved its targets.

The relational approach or communicational is also very important for the company as Lipton was facing various complications in the supply chain management due to which they could not able to achieve their targeted aims but by developing the communicational approaches via various networking Lipton successfully delivered their services and products to their customers qualitatively, however, by reducing the communicational gap company gain a huge market.


Lipton is one of the leading companies of tea across the globe and has a hugely profitable market as compared to other companies however the company was owned by Unilever and PepsiCo. The company has a profitable market position across the globe and Lipton has a successful marketplace in 150 countries. The company has 3 times larger share market share compared to its rival which indicates that the company has strong market strategies through which Lipton achieves a most profitable market position as compared to the other companies.

Unilever is the largest tea company in the world and it is the most dominating player in the tea industry across the globe. The company has a brand legacy while having remarkable track records in the international market regarding sales, sustainability, and the quality of the product which the company provide to its customers. However, Lipton was facing various complications regarding supply chain alignments and sustainability so, to solve these issues the global brand development director of Lipton needed to revitalize Lipton brand which was very essential for Lipton to resolve issues regarding supply chain and sustainability while the revitalization strategy of the market depends on the Unilever’s ability.

The revitalization strategies would help Lipton to achieve a strong marketplace as compared to the other companies so for that purpose Lipton requires supply chain alignment, revitalization of the brand as well as sustainability. By innovation in the brand of the company Lipton successfully achieve their marketplace and maintain its market position as compared to other companies. Lipton required the sustainable approaches that enable the company to achieve marketplace as sustainability is the most important segment of the marketing and quality maintenance where the sustainability helps the company to attract the profitable market of customers that aid the company to increase sales and regulate the market place of the company.

Supply chain management is essential for the company the development of a profitable market position. As Lipton was facing supply chain issues that directly as well as indirectly affect the marketplace of the company. The supply chain is the fundamental part of the management that has a role in the maintenance of the quality of the product.

The supply chain issues can be solved by building a strong relationship with the suppliers across the globe that would enhance the production of the company as well as it would help the company to achieve a better market as well. The major and most important approach that enables the supply chain to achieve the targeted customers in the international market is the availability of the qualitative approaches that enable customers to be loyal to the company. However, other approaches have also an effective role in the regulation of the supply chain. The unstable supply chain could be severe for the company regarding survival as a successful company in the international as well as the national market.

According to various research analysts, most customers prefer products that have positive impacts on the environment as well as on the health of customers. So, Lipton needs to maintain the high quality of products that would enable the company to retain its consumers so, it would strengthen the marketplace of the company. The quality of the product may be affected by various factors which include environmental factors that resist the company to maintain its quality of the company. So, the company must maintain the quality of the product that enables customers to adhere to the market of the company. The team of Lipton brand decided to go along with the Rainforest Certification that would help the company to retain its marketplace as well as it would help to achieve its targeted position in the market that would enhance its sales of the company….

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