Under Armour and the Sports Apparel and Footwear Industry in 2008  Case Solution

This case is about Strategy

published: 29 Mar 2011


The case explains how creator Kevin Slab constructed an extremely effective sports apparel business in the United States to take on the similarity giants Nike and Adidas. It examines business design of Under Armour, its growth beyond apparel into sports shoes, where Nike and Adidas are far more concentrated, and past the United States market where its brand name acknowledgment is not developed. It asks why the stock cost is down despite the business’s exceptional outcomes.


Pedagogical Goals:

The case research studies the technique of a specific niche company/upstart and its tactical alternatives as it endeavors closer to the marketplaces controlled by recognized giants. It enables evaluation of the revenue and power characteristics in the supply chain, the various methods of completing in an industry, the structure of proficiencies and resources to grow business, and the procedure of picking amongst alternative method choices.

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