Two-Column Case Model Case Solution & Answer

Two-Column Case Model  Case Solution

Part B: Themes and Learning Goals

1.     Analysis:

1.      Share your intent with the other person?

No, Foster didn’t share his intended goals with the other staff members of the organization. He should have addressed his goals and objectives when he got the charge of his new position.Foster should have told the employees to maintain the professional office environment. He should have explained clearly to take care about the punctuality when he first got to know about the employee’s late arrival.

2.      Clearly share your opinion about the topic?

It is expected that Foster might not have shared his opinion with the fellow workers. Foster should have shared his opinion about the punctuality with main office staff members like Sarah, Dona and Mary. He must have informed everyone to come on time and informed him upon being late. However, this is might be possible that both Dona and Mary had confronted a problem and due to this they got late.In addition, the previous boss might be too lenient with the employees that she never asked anyone to come early. Therefore, Foster’s concern regarding disliking him might be based on his incorrect perception.

3.      Explain what facts and/or experiences your opinion was based on?

Foster believed that no one going to like him as he is younger among the staff members. He expected that people might not like him as their new supervisor. His concern, however, somehow might be proven right.He was observing employee’s behavior since one week, that nobody present in the office on time. The employees were not also present when the boss’ boss came into the office. In addition, when Foster arrived early in the office he found no one in the office and two staff members were coming almost an hour late and were not guilty about it all.Furthermore, they didn’t even informed Foster about late arrival. These all things indicate Foster that the employees don’t respect him. In brief, there were difference of perceptions and lack of proper communication which caused conflicts between Foster and employees.

4.      Ask if the other person understood your views?

After analyzing the case, it is expected that Foster did not asked his employees about his views. He should have maintained a proper communication between him and other employees. After sharing his view, he should have confirmed his employees either they understand his opinions of not.

5.      Make sure you understood the other person’s intent and opinion?

Foster might not have understood the situation clearly. He should have conducted a meeting with Sarah, Dona and Mary to get the insight about their opinions and views. He should make sure that what his sub-ordinates would act upon confronting his intended norms about the punctuality.

·         Detailed Analysis:

After evaluating the whole scenario, it is expected that there was lack of communication and understanding between the supervisor and employees. Foster should have conducted an early meeting with all the employees to share his views and vision. He shouldn’t have drawn early inferences. He must inform his subordinates about being punctual and let him know when they got late. It is also expected that female subordinates might be concerned about their timings as other male staff arriving late in the office. He should have set equal timings for both male and female staff members.

6.      Plan of actions:

1.      Conduct Meeting:

In order to maintain the healthy work environment, Foster should conduct a meeting with all the staff members to share his views with all. He must communicate his intended policies and actions to everyone in the organization. In addition, he must ensure that everyone in the office understood his thoughts and vision and willing to work accordingly……………….

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