Trinitycorporation[1]is a data house which purely works through the implementation of the Big Data, a software, which gathers the data of all the consumers in the particular region about thebehavior, feedbacks, and suggestion. The company operates as a platform where business operating in the market takestheexpertise of trinity to manage the customer base through the implementation of big data and CRM.The company offers meaningful insight about the target customer of the other company and charges against the information. Italso offers the services of outsourcing which means any business can outsource their customer management department to Trinity whichoffers the services and manages the feedback on behalf of the company.
The company has a total of 500 employees among which 300 are permanent while the 200 employees work on contractual basis. TheCompanymaintains a balance and a pool of talented employeesto be utilized in the time of peak season.
The Company acts as a platform of the customer information through big data and also as an outsourcing agency. To manage the role, the company locates differentexecutives in the clientscompany to look after the customermanagement and offer the services and solution ofTrinity. In addition, the company operates through agroupof executives to whomclients are assigned, which they deal with and offer the customer data with the accurate analysis of the trend andbehaviors.These executives are liable to the clients and work purely in-accordance with the clients’ choice. Inaddition to this, the company also takes the projects and worksin a team. The team consists of basically 6 members who have expertise in different fields but related to project to analyze the project from all directions. The strategy leads to successful planning and analysis of the trend making it the secondary competence of the company.
In addition, the company operates in small scrums, whichhelpsthe teams to effectively manage the team projects and prioritizethe important project first. This approach leads to effective management of the backlogs, improving the efficiency of the operations.
The company currently operates within the country.It has developed the penetration strategy to capture the maximum market share. Since the use of big data is new in the industry, the company has competitive advantage of being one of the few playersoperating in such industry. Similarly, the company hires the locals of the market, in order to make and establish a smooth structure which could be in futurebrought down to others.
Competition is the pertinent factor that keeps challenging the organization.Since the company is one of the few players who offer the customer data analysis through big data, it has createdan intense rivalry in the market to capture the marketshare. In addition, the new entrants are also entering the market to exploit the benefitsof bigdata. Hence, the company has intense competition in maintaining its competitive advantage.Furthermore, the direct competitors identified are the online platforms like trip advisors and similar business plans, which also offer customer data and trend of the market to customers…………………….

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