Transparency International Ukraine Case Solution & Answer

Transparency International Ukraine Case Solution

1. External Organization Factors

 The shift of the TUI in Kyiv has some favorable and unfavorable external factors for the organization.

1.1 Favorable Factors

The favorable external organization factor for the TUI is that the city has fair policies after the orange revolution.The aftermath situation s favorable for the political and economic because the movement initiated the raise of voice against the unlawful practices and the steps are taken to make transparent policies. Furthermore, the new talent was given chance and the merit based selection started in Kyiv. Although the political stability had not increased much, but the country had a decrease in the rank of corruption from an approximate of 100 countries. The organizations were given subsidiaries for acquiring the fund and the value added projects started, which increased the fund of 100000 $. The data sharing access was given to the company where it can easily interlinked with the data with other countries. (De Waal, 2016)

1.2 Unfavorable Factors

On the contrary, there are some unfavorable factors of the external organization,including the economic instability because of corruption, which decreases the opportunities for the non-profit organizations. Moreover, the influence of political parties have created corruption because the merit based hiring is not practiced and the employees who are appointed, are not efficient and productive. Moreover, the disjoined teams which consist of different ethnic backgrounds, create the lack of communication, social and demographic factors, which creates hindrances in the goal orientation, because of personal benefit of everyone involved.See exhibit 2

2. Corruption in Ukraine

There are some factors which are intractable for Ukraine regarding corruption, because the country possesses quite different external factors, which do not have an appropriate system and the legal practices are not transparent and clear. Other soviet countries have proper systematic practices which are clearly transparent and free from the corruption, because they have the proper compliance and regulation in the country, but Ukraine is under the control of bureaucrats and politicians which work for their personal benefits rather than the country’s development.(Osipian, 2008).The situation can be changed if the strategic rules are implemented and the high monitoring and controlling system is introduced in every department. (Nasuti, 2016)

The main factors, which are the cause of corruption are:

  • Political system.
  • Legal system.
  • Economic System.

2.1 Political factors

The political factors are the main cause of corruption in Ukraine, because there is a direct control on legislation from the political parties, with an inclusion of their huge lobby. Moreover, the power of money is the main source by which the transparent elections are not held and the fraudulent votes are casted. The businessmen have an access to easily participate in the political activity and give relaxation to the giant firms whereas high taxes are charged on small and medium enterprises. According to some media references; there is the high corruption because of the politicians and bureaucrats in the country………………………

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