Political analysis

The place as ahistoric place might be influenced by the government and political decisions. The place here refers to one of historicplaces of the United Kingdom, whichhas the longest history in the United Kingdom, and shares some historic photos of the past most famous personalities of the United Kingdom. However, the political decisions can be very effectiveas far as the palaceis concerned.

Economic factors

The economic factors are far away to even affect the palace, as the palace is used for the public, and visitorsvisit the site of the place toseewhat has happened in the past. On the other hand, the economic factor would have negative consequences, as it could positively affect due to its connection with the United Kingdom’s royalty.


TheUnited Kingdom is proud of thisplace, due toits history and beauty. However, socially the palace is very famous in the United States. Meanwhile, irrespective of  the connection to any background of the visitor, itwould not have any reservation of the palace as the heritage site of the UK. Moreover, the increasing visitors at the site are the witnesses of this factor, as the social factors do not have anyrelation with the social environment of the society.


The use of technology has less effect in this case, however, technology as a whole has less impact towards theheritage side, but it would create serious problem for the palace, because due to the increasing uses of technology, there are many places that have been created with wide, and fantastic infrastructure, where technology has also been used to attract manyvisitors as possible. Similarly, there are many other visiting sites in the United Kingdom that havebeen constructed with thehugeuse of the technology to attract as many visitors as possible. Thus, technology might have adirect impact on the palace as whole, which could affect the guardians of the tower.


The environment does not have any relationship with the place, because all things are meant to be very common in the area of the company. Similarly, the increasing environmental issues are not being affected by the palace, nor does the environment have any impact on the place. However,the said environmental issues might affect the number of visitors.


On the other hand, the increasing legal issues of the United States would have animpact on the tower due to the relation inthe past. However, the government could pass the law to take the custody of the tower upon any related issue, which would affect the government. Apart from that, the government can also interveneto make the tower unavailableto the visitors due to its heritage, and reactionstowardsUnited Kingdom’s history.

Industry and Market Analysis

The market as whole is very competitive in terms of visiting sites since the United Kingdom is the one the largest market for the tourists around the world. It also attracts millions of the tourists from around the world that are continuously related to the mean to be, however, there are many other places in theUS that are most attractive to the tourists from around the world. Nonetheless, it is also important as to how many tourists have visited the heritage sites in the United Kingdom throughout the years. Meanwhile, the tourism industry is the one of the largest industries in the United Kingdom, which has brought billions of pounds to the country, which hassignificantly contributed to the GDP of the United Kingdom…………………….

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