Top 7 Tips for Writing Thesis Dissertation  Case Solution

For this purpose, students take the support of their supervisors. Since everyone has their own experience and dependent on the working style,therefore, the students get some essence from their suggestions and experiences. However, when they start structuring, then their working style exhibits to search and write the thesis.

Students can also take help from the previous working of the students, which is usually present in the libraries. Moreover, they have to first select the topic for writing the thesis. It is critical to select the topic among various theses,however, moving particularly towards the field of interest can put students at ease. Hence, students should explore the specific topic and get the means of analyzing the data after inclusive literature reviews.

For structuring thesis, the students can select the chapter wise method, which is a conventional method of writing the thesis. The method undermines the following chapters:

Title Page

Title page includes the topic in which the student works. This page also maintains the name of the student who has written the thesis. The university’s name is also mentioned on the title page. Furthermore, the title page also involves the name of department and name of the supervisors.


Abstract of the thesis includes the brief summary of the project. This summary is comprised of the background of the study. Furthermore, it includes methodology of conducting research. Moreover, the findings of the study are also included in the abstract.


A list of chapters and figures that have been mentioned in the thesis draws a content list.

Chapter 1

Chapter one of the thesis is the introduction. The introduction comprises of the background of the topic and other facts and figures related to the study, problem statement, objectives of the study and question for writing the thesis.

Chapter 2

Chapter two is usually known as Literature Review. Literature Review includes the review of the literature, theoretical background, empirical studies and a conceptual framework. Literature reviews are written to include previous studies and their results into the thesis. However, empirical studies provide arguments of the different studies. Theoretical background includes theory for the relevant topic extracted from the previous studies. Nevertheless, the conceptual framework is also designed by the analyzing different aspects of literature.

Chapter 3

Chapter three is known as methodology. The methodology involves the description of the method of analyzing the data into the following chapter. Furthermore, it includes different sections that evaluate the type of study in social sciences, the method of designing the study, the reason to choose the type of tests and techniques, data gathering elements, etc.

Chapter 4

Chapter four is known as Results and Discussion. Sometimes Chapter and Discussion are two separate segments of the thesis. Writing both chapters separately or gathering them into one both is beneficial. If they are written altogether, then the result would easily be associated with the discussion rather clearly. However, if they are written separately, then they are written in-depth. Results are usually maintaining thevalue that have been derived from the statistical tools and discussion includes interpretation and explanation of the data analyzed…………….

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