Tobacco Case Solution & Answer

Tobacco  Case Solution


The decline of the cultural norms and ethos in most of the countries all over the world is also a major concern in this regard. The survey of the students at Turkish High Schools also indicated that most of the students who use tobacco have started doing so in the vocational high schools and some in the med high schools too.

This simply reflects the lack of community contribution towards the issue as the schools have failed to contribute in this regard.The absence of community participation and awareness initiatives are also a major contributor towards it as there is no sense of partnership.(Health., 2015)


The lack of actions of the managements of the schools where more students are adopting this health threatening practice has also led to such proportion of the students being exposed to the tobacco smoke while not completely understanding the issues and health risks attached with such harmful practice. The lack of understanding of the parents as well as the relatives and family friends of the children that they are compromising their health is also a contributor for this issue that more and more children are falling victim to this issue.(Pneumol., 2015)

The massive marketing and advertisement campaigns of the cigarette brands all over the world is also a cause of concern. According to the figures, the advertisement campaigns of the U.S. Tobacco Companies solely account for above $13 billion budget for ads and other marketing activities.

Public policy:

The lack of effective policies and regulations of the governments regarding the taxation, age limit for sales and keeping the marketing and advertisement budgets of these Tobacco Companies is one of the major barriers in prevention of smoking habits and experiences among the minors and children. It is critical that these must be reviewed and revisited by the government of the countries where children are increasingly exposed to tobacco.


The statistics of the children being exposed and getting inclined towards such unhealthy practices like the use of tobacco must be prevented for the betterment of health of these students. It is critical that some adjustments must be made within the current environment and policies to reduce the proportion of the population that is being exposed to this practice. Some of the most feasible prevention strategies and policies are illustrated below.

  • Providing a more stable environment at homes and schools through public awareness campaigns by the government.
  • Increasing the prices of the products through taxes so that it becomes out of purchasing power of the children and youth.
  • Imposing an age limit ban on the companies for sales and holding them accountable if they break the regulation.
  • Banning advertisement of Tobacco products at main stream media.
  • Introducing a healthcare subject in the curriculum of the high school students that addresses such issues where children are prone to damage their health themselves.
  • Arranging meetings with the parents and informing them about the complexities that they are causing for their children while smoking at their homes.
  • Counselling the parents through community services regarding the harmful effects of smoking in front of their children.
  • Hiring a professional counselor at the schools for students who are exposed to the smoke of tobacco or use it…………….

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