ThedaCare: System Strategy Case Solution & Answer

ThedaCare: System Strategy Case Solution

Executive Summary:

ThedaCare is a well-known health care system comprising of four hospitals based in Appleton, Wisconsin. The organization runs under the great supervision of CEO Dr. John Toussaint who is firm to bring innovations in terms of heath care systems in the organization in order to improvise the quality of health care systems. Toussaint has introduced lots of programs and initiatives under his goal to revolutionize health care system in ThedaCare one of the programs initiated by Toussaint include ThedaCare Improvement System (TIS). The system is aimed at improving transparency of cost and quality. Although, the system has been proved to be successful with increasing net revenues, declining costs and achievement of operational efficiency, the resistant of Physians comprising 40% of board members posing a threat to the viability of the implementation of ThedaCare Improvement System (TIS) in the organization.

This is the point where Toussaint should consider boosting morale of its key employee cluster i.e. Physicians to ensure provision of quality services for the clients. Employees are the key to success for providing quality services at any organization especially in service industry. Lack of interest in involvement in the weekly programs shows that there is a dire need to increase morale of Physicians towards the rapid innovations in the organization.

The root causes identified for this behavior include; the feeling of burden with attending weekly trainings along with the work load, no direct and prominent benefit for physicians for improved services and the rapid innovations have made it difficult for the Physicians to digest.

In order to boost the morale of Physicians, Toussaint should try to make the Physicians feel motivated for attending the training sessions with adjusting the sessions during working hours and making it as an informal gathering for learning rather than formal meeting, so that the employees feel entertained and motivated to join the session.

Another way to resolve the issue is to create benefit plans for the biggest and the most important employee cluster in form of bonuses, promotions, salary increments, compensations, and free holidays with family, etc. to make the employees feel motivated to work for a company who cares and rewards their efforts.

Along with it, the firm must follow the boiling frog strategy which suggests for gradual and small changes should be done for a revolutionizing change. The process of implementing new programs and process must be done in a way which is gradual and is carried with proper consultation and cooperation………………………….

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