The Wonderful World of Human Resources at Disney Case Solution


Walt Disney is an American multinational mass media and entertainment company. It is world’s second largest cable and broadcasting company. Walt Disney was founded in16th October 1923 by Roy O Disney as a Disney Brother Cartoon Studio. Roy O Disney was an American businessman who becamepartner and co-founder along with his younger brother.

The Walt Disney, which later changed its name to Walt Disney productions, expanded its operations and focused on music, publishing, online media, theme park, and theater. Walt Disney is also known as land of magic which attracts nearly 50 million visitors, there are many attractions for visitors such as rides, resultants, nightlife and entertainment and Disney charters and parades which makeWalt Disney as a land of magic. This is all due to human force that works in the land of magic.

Brief Time Line of Disney

Early 1923

The period of early 1923 was also known as silent period.The animatorWalt Disney produced a short film entitled as Alice Wonderland, however,the situation was not improved and Disney was on the verge of bankruptcy.

During 1928 to 1934

Walt Disney struggled financially for a while during this period. A film was produced by Walt Disney brothers in color named “Snow White and the seven Dwarfs” which was a hit and itimproved the situation at Walt Disney. In the same period, Walt Disney offered its share for IPO.

During 1934 to 1945

Using the proceeds from the snow white, Disney financed the construction of the studio complex, and as a result the studio continued releasing animated pictures.

During 1946 to 1954

During the post war period, Disney was operating with little operating capital and continued to release the animated movies which were performing poorly.

During 1954 to 1965

In 1954, Walt Disney cameup with Disney Land theme Park which was based on the animation movies from Disney. It was a huge success and later on total of 80% revenue was generated from these theme parks.

During 1966 to 1971

Walt Disney was dying due to lung cancer and Roy Disney Cothe founder took over the business empire. This period was known as a transition period. In the same duration, Walt Disney openedWorld Resort near Orlando Florida.

During 1972 to 1984

Much of the attention was received to Walt Disney World received during the period from 1970s and into the 1980s.By 1980s; almost 70% of revenue was generated from the parks.

During 1984 to 2005

It was Eisner ear and Save Disney Campaign; there was a series of changes which was required to keep Disney on track.

During 2005 to Present

Today, Walt Disney is successful and operates in a multidimensional environment to keep the magic alive. Walt Disney, after the tough initial year,acquired a proper place and operates almost in major countries of the world.

Problem Statement

Walt Disney’s greatest challenges and source of problem is its work force. Walt Disney operates in that type of industry that relieson thesatisfaction of its customer, even thoughWalt Disney carefully selectedeach candidate however,as Walt Disney deals with humans, a problem always exists. Walt Disney often recruits from every corner of the world in order to enable a diversifiedenvironment. For each cast member, Walt Disney attends the audition to check whether potential cast has positive attitude that can be beneficial for the company.

There are many problems that are faced by Walt Disney for the recruitment of cast members that are as follow;

 Cast member should perform up to the expectationsafter they are recruited. Although Walt Disney’s hiring process is regarded as best practices,however,through hiring process the best caster does not mean he would also be proved as most talented and perform better in the near future

Walt Disney allows a period of 90 days to cast members to determine whether the area they are currently in is the best fit for them or whetherthey want to move to other areas.Walt Disney is of the view that if an individual is not good in one area then that meanshe cannot not perform in another area as well.

Walt Disney often has to empower itscast members to exceed their visitors’ expectations and enable the visitors to repeat their visit next in the near future as well. Walt Disney is of view that every employee has an ability that can be used to exceed visitor’s expectation and it is a responsibility of Walt Disney to bring forward this ability………………..

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The Wonderful World of Human Resources at Disney Case Solution
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