The Wal-Mart Case Case Solution & Answer

The Wal-Mart Case

Question no. 4

If I were Doug McMillon, I would have brought eCommerce automation to the company for effective and smooth supply chain activities.

Automation software is used by companies to get rid of repetitive and manual activities. By bringing automation into the company, the operations would be smooth and self-accomplishing. Ecommerce automation could enable the company to efficiently manage its inventors, would need low labour work, it would also get rid of repetitive operations and convert them into automated.


The process of automation could better be understood from the example that Ecommerce automation enables companies to effectively manage their inventories as the automation would automatically publish the products when available at near stores. Ecommerce automation would automatically achieve customer segmentation for the company with the help of digital analytics tools, it would show and market the products to the right customers according to tier interest levels in the product, at the right place based on the locations of the customers, and product availability at their desired location and at the right time when the customers would need the certain product. The ecommerce automation process would allow the company to get maximum sales growth with complete integrated operations and suitable control measures take for sales risk mitigation

Critical analysis

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is done by the companies for their internal analysis. To identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. For the critical analysis of Walmart, we would also perform its SWOT analysis, as done in Appendix 1.

PESTLE Analysis

To determine how to stay profitable, the company must first evaluate the external environment. This involves a PESTEL analysis of the political, economic, social, technological, and environmental factors that affect a company. This is a method used to gauge the competitive landscape of a company. The factors include the social environment, such as the demand for a company’s products, as well as the legal and regulatory environment.

Refer to appendix 2 for the mentioned analysis

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Porter’s five forces analysis is done by the companies in order to identify the competitive advantages of the company and the factors to which the considered company is vulnerable. We too have done this analysis as a part of a critical analysis of Walmart.

Refer to appendix 3 for the mentioned analysis

Recommendation and Conclusion

By the company analysis, it could be stated that the company has efficiently achieved a market-leading position in the company, not just in the country, but in several countries of the world. This success has been achieved by implementing various operational strategies for growth. The company’s supply chain capabilities have always proved to be its competitive advantage, but with its ever-expanding nature as the company step into the online retailing business, the company now needs to bring various changes to remain competitive in the market. In order to do so, the company could introduce eCommerce automation for smooth supply chain logistics, as discussed in the case.


Appendix 1-Swot Framework

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