The Vancouver YMCA: The Turnaround of a Public Icon Case Solution & Answer

The Vancouver YMCA: The Turnaround of a Public Icon Case Study Solution

Analysis of Power

As a consultant of the company I must use 3 major powers: power of legitimacy, power of credibility and power of expertise. As a consultant I will analyze whether the operations in the organization follow the rules and regulations of law inillegal way. The power of legitimacy is necessary. By following this power, CEO can easily evaluate the reports. The powers of expertise including supervision and of direct involvement in decisions required, are useful to hunt the business determination. The power of credibility results on the basis of truth from which business increases its share values and value of organization. As Bill Steward is changing agent, these things must be helpful for CEO of company for growing the business.

Final Result and short-term Win

Long Term

The objective that I would like to achieve in the next 18 months is directly related to the mission of the organization which is “The YMCA is a charitable association dedicated to the development of people in spirit, mind and body as well as the improvement of local, national and international communities.” My objective would be to stick to this mission of the organization and work for the organization to survive. According to Stewart, the organization was facing a lot of loss year after year. Because of this, the organization would have stopped investing in some of its facilities so that it could survive. But in my opinion for the next 18 months the organization could implement various strategies to acquire sufficient funds and recover from its losses. These strategies could be: to create more awareness about the organizational activities and among people or to appeal potential investors etc. Ultimately, the goal would be to enable the organization   to make sufficient funds from various sources, so that it could survive in the long-term.

If effective short-term wins are implemented properly then this long-term goal is definitely measurable and achievable.

Short Term Win

The two short term wins that I would like to achieve in next 3 months in order to gain sufficient funds for the organization would be :

  1. To Make the operations of the company effective within each department of the organization. From the analysis of the case, it could be said that various departments of the organization, mainly the HR and Finance departments, were not working properly. As a result, it became too much time consuming for Steward to gather information from the departments. Within the 3-months, if the efficiency is achieved in the departmental operations, the organizational activities would be much effective and this will ultimately help the organization to provide better services to people and gain sufficient funds.
  2. The second short term win is related to the executive team of the organization. According to Stewart, the executives of the organization were not showing any interest in the finances of the company. This was one of the reasons that the organization was unable to generate sufficient funds and continuously facing losses. In the 3-months’ duration the executive team would be asked to have more insights in the finances of the organization and suggest effective strategies to generate sufficient funds.

These short-term wins are indeed visible and measurable and linked to the main goal of gaining sufficient funds for the organization in the 18 months duration if the company wants to recover from its losses by these funds.


The 2ndshort term win from the above question can be achieved. By looking at the company’s financial image, the company initially worked on finance department.

Steps for achieving the short-term win were:

  • Study the previous years and current year’s income statements that show how much the company has earned or has lost as compared to previous years.
  • Review the bank reconciliation statement and balance sheet from which we can check the bank and company’s status as regards asset utilization.
  • Calculate the current and debt equity ratios from which we can conclude the health of the company.
  • The Projects which are available and generate profit should be taken on the basis of Net Present value method.
  • Organization must work on the financial issues because the financial system is not good. The employees also need training and appraisals.
  • The organization must work on infra-structure.
  • Organization is facing deficit so it must work on the demand and supply chain………

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