The P&G Case Solution & Answer

The P&G Case Study Solution

Role and responsibilities of senior leadership in information governance

The role of the senior leadership in information governance is of high importance because of the efforts of investing in GBS (Global Business Service) in order to run the business operation sefficiently in the changing model for using data and information. The GBS provides various services to MDO as well as GBU by helping them in the analyzation of data and information, IT services as well as for improving their decision making with the use of the data analytics tools (THOMAS H. DAVENPORT, 2013).

With the energetic leadership of the Chairman, president and the CEO of Procter and Gamble i.e. Bob McDonald as well as the visionary and longing endeavours of CIO Passerini; the company has secured a competitive edge through making considerable improvements in the analytics department. Passerini was given the charge of Global Business Service in 2003, whotrans formed the information technology capabilities. Passerini also accelerated over the IT activities named Information and Decision Solutions (IDS), which was not utilized before due to which the company got success to a greater extent as it helped the company in data collection and analyzation & meeting its demand in a much accurate manner. Also, they were accountable to develop the analytical models, which drive simulations and forward-looking in sightsa cross and within the business domains they supported(THOMAS H. DAVENPORT, 2013).

Bob and Passerini also fostered the culture where a greater emphasis was placed on the analytics and tools as a mean for achieving the competitive edge. The P&G culture was primarily based on the radical movement i.e. in the direction of the quickly growing business as well as higher rate of speed, related with the availability of the real-time information for decision making purpose. He also focused on digitization and standardized, integrated and automated data and systems to create the decision making and real time operating environment. (THOMAS H. DAVENPORT, 2013).

Theoretical frameworks- CIA triangle


One of the core responsibilities of the Procter and Gamble is to ensure the data confidentiality due to which the leaders developed the Decision Cockpit a web-based customizable dashboard which allowed it to track the progress or reports and carry out tasks on its customized dashboards, and set alters if the information or data is outside the specified range (Samonas, 2015).


Passerini accelerated the IT activities named Information and Decision Solutions (IDS) which in turn began to assemble the centralized forecasting team, using statistical methods to provide a clearer view of the markets developments to the company leaders.  The integrity of the data is made sure of through the provision of a further complete picture of the potential results to the managers and the development of two statistical models, which include time series forecasting models known for producing accurate results and propensity models, which attempted to have a closer look on the drivers and the causes of the outcome(Samonas, 2015)…………………………


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