The Inside and Outside View of Innovation Case Solution

“Innovate or die” has become the mantra of many companies. But how, exactly, companies must innovate? Certainly, much has been written on the subject, but many managers are still unsure how to proceed with respect to a number of key issues. How, for example, can ensure that a promising initiative receives the resources when the main activity dominates the organization? Why so many brilliant inventions fail, others apparently mediocre offerings are successful? These fundamental questions are the subject of two recent books – Relentless Innovation: How to build a culture of market dominance, by Gerard J. Tellis (San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2013), and The Great Lens: A New Strategy Innovation by Ron Adner (New York: Portfolio / Penguin, 2012). The two books are an interesting pair: The first focused on the inner workings of the company, while the second focuses on the external environment.
Alden M. Hayashi
Source: MIT Sloan Management Review
4 pages.
Publication Date: April 1, 2013. Prod #: SMR449-PDF-ENG
The inside view and the outside of the box innovation solution

The Inside and Outside View of Innovation Case Solution
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