The Fargo Health Group Case Solution & Answer

The Fargo Health Group Case Solution

The fourth step is the application of a number of forecasting techniques on the given data set in order to forecast the examinations. A total of two forecasting technique has been applied on the data. ARIMA and Exponential smoothing approaches has been used for the fulfillment of the particular case requirements.

However, three models of ARIMA and four models of Exponential smoothing has been applied on the given dataset. The values for the next years has been forecasted with the help of these models. The final step is coming up with a recommendation. The recommendation is given for the adaptation of the forecasting model by the Fargo Health Group in order to predict the future examinations requirement. The recommendation is based on the assessment of the accuracy measurements.

Data Cleaning

The condition of the data was not in a good as it contains a number of uncertainties, errors, blank cells, and inappropriate text in the places where the data was required. The cleaning of the data has been done with the help of the several tools and techniques of the Microsoft Excel. The cleaning of the data starts with the trimming of the extra spaces present in the cells.

A total of eight worksheets were trimmed by the formula “=trim ()”.  The extra spaces present in the cells was cleaned with the help of the TRIM function. The TRIM function removed the additional spaces between the words, the spaces before the start of the word and spaces after the word. The single spaces present in the cell between the words won’t be entertained as it only remove the double or additional spaces.

After the depleting of the additional spaces present in the data file, now the treatment of the blank cells will be done. There are a number of techniques used for the treatment of the blank spaces, however the blank spaces are treated with the use of simple “GO TO” function. The sheet has been selected that should be treated for the blank spaces.

After the selection of the data set, go to the Go To dialogue box. Select special in the dialogue box and then click the Blanks in order to select the blanks in the given data set. Type whatever you want to enter in a replacement of the blank cells. After that press Control and Enter at the same time. The value will be entered in all the selected blank spaces.

The conversion of the text into Numbers and the removal of the duplicates are also used for the cleaning of the data set, but the nature of the data have similar dates and a number of text present in the Worksheet that disclose the there is no need of the removal of the duplicates and the conversion of the text into numbers.

The identification of the errors and the outliers are very important for the accuracy of the analysis. The errors and the outliers are being highlight in this step by simply selecting the new rule in the Conditional Formatting. The new rule conditional formatting will take you to the selection of the new rule.

The new rule of the “format only cells that contain” will be selected at this occasion and select the errors with the setting of format for the errors identifies. The step will be repeated and now the selection of the outliers will take place. The outliers in the data set will be less than 100 and greater than 10,000 examinations. The new rule of the cell value will be selected for this aspect, however, the function will highlight all the errors and outliers identified in the data set………………………

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