The European Non-Life Insurance Industry and AXA in 2001 Award winner Prize Winner Case Solution

This case is about Strategy

published: 01 Jan 2003


Case Writers: Christophe ANGOULVANT and Anne-Ev ENZMAN The case explains the economics of the non-life insurance industry and the tactical concerns that rivals are dealing with in 2001. After a conversation of the industry economics, the case explains the technique of an essential gamer: the French company AXA (previous technique and present problems).


Pedagogical Goals:

This monetary services case enables a conversation of a number of technique subjects: financial repercussions of deregulation and tactical actions of incumbents and brand-new entrants; chauffeurs and repercussions of cyclical overcapacity; motorists and obstacles to European combination in an industry that has actually traditionally been extremely fragmented and where strong economies of scale have actually not been observed. The overcapacity cycles are to lots of trainees really unexpected and the case permits a fascinating conversation of chauffeurs and possible services.

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