Many times, it can happen in workplaces that an employee’s religious beliefs and cultural values can contradict with the requirement of the job or environment of the workplace. In most of the countries, it is a law that an employer should not ignore the cultural and religious needs of its employees but rather,they should try to accommodate them.

Employees themselves are familiar with the reasonable accommodation under the law of discrimination. The law gives them the right that their cultural and religious needs must be accommodated by the employer.

The employer needs to accommodate only serious religious and cultural practices. The challenge comes in determining the extent to which, the cultural and religious practices are held seriously by the employer.

Some cultural and religious issues that can require an accommodation from the employer’s end are listed below.

  • If an employee cannot work on any day that is subjected to a religious practice, then his schedule should be modified accordingly.
  • If an employee has a certain dress code, for example, Muslim women are obligated to cover their head with scarfs, then they should be allowed to do so. (Gross, 2018)
  • If the employees have certain prayer times, for example, Muslims have to pray five times a day and Christians have to attend the church every Sunday, then they should be given the time to perform their obligatory prayers. Moreover, they should be provided with a proper place as well, where they can pray.


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