The Credit Suisse Christian Values Fund Case Solution

Catholic Swiss investor faces a decision about how to invest their savings in a socially responsible manner. She learns a new fund offered by Credit Suisse that invests according to Christian values ​​and principles. After researching the background over the Internet, reflecting the current state of ethical funds, its principles and its critics. Some organizations criticize the socially responsible investment (SRI) as nothing more than a marketing ploy. The only way some funds are able to enjoy favorable returns is the use of vague criteria that allow them to invest in dubious business. Although the fund Christian values ​​does not work well, it was established a few months ago and has not had time to establish a track record. Finally, the management costs were high compared with similar funds and the investor must decide whether these costs are justified. The event provides a forum for the discussion of business ethics, religion in the workplace, and the history of ethical funds and ethical investment. Finally, it examines the challenges faced by SRI fund managers who must balance the ethical and financial considerations.
Alexandra Roth
David T. A. Wesley
Source: Ivey Publishing
18 pages.
Date Posted: February 26, 2010. Prod #: 909M21-PDF-ENG
Credit Suisse Securities case Christian Fund Solution

The Credit Suisse Christian Values Fund Case Solution
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