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Economic factor

China is one of the world’s top 10 largest economies, witha population larger than that of US. China, has recently opened its doors for the international world, and holds great potential. China has always been separate players and devised everything according to its own cultural and social values. Since the country has recently opened its door towardsglobalization, the sudden growth in the economy has been seen whichmakes the Chinese market an emerging attractive market for the brands(Ballantyne, 2006).


China has two major extremes when it comes to income. One group has very high income while the other part of China lives under the implication of poverty. However, the per capita income of China has depicteda continuous rise with 16.8 billion annual GDP. The trend depicts the potential and growth of the Chinese economy(Eva, 2014).


China has adeep-rooted affinity with its language and culture. The country follows its own language to communicate globally and finds to reluctant in adopting thedifferentlanguage.Also, the Chinese language is more complex and different from westernlanguage.These people have different vocabulary and words to address different things and find some words and phrase are consideredoffensive which are normal in aWestern language.


The Chineseculture is an open low context culture. The people In Chinaurges teamwork and flat hierarchyin the organization. Onground level, the people of Chinaprefer to work in a friendly and open environment.However, Chinese are very firm in practicingtheir culture. They stick by it even in the time of globalization(Fandy, 2015). The trend shows high affinity tocultural values and norms within Chinese culture and the urge to preserve it forgenerationaftergeneration.The Chinese culturealso depicts the sense of individualism, which can be analyzedthrough their strict policies in which the international brands are asked toformhomogenized codes in their language, also the Chinesemarkettends to accept those brands that offer them associationandrelational factor with their culture.


Chinese have a different and unique value set which is totally different from theWestern part of the world. The country prefers collectivism rather than individualism. It follows family-orientation rather than living alone(JOHN, 2010). It values close relationships, respect and equality which are rarely followed in Western cultures.

United Kingdom

Economic Factor

The economy of UK is astableeconomy backed up by strong automobile manufacturing.The country has long been a part of EU and depicted strong per capita growth of GDP. In addition, the UK has astrong economy and comes under strong well-nourishedeconomies of the world.


The UK has a rigid culture. People in the UK embraces individuality rather than collectivism. Thetrend can be depicted fromthe approach of each member whohasanorganization in theplayground(Chim, HBR). These people’s values presentpace, noninterference, freedom and success. The people in the UK also urges aggressiveness ingrowth. However it can also be seenthat withpassing the time, the culture of UK has diffused due to anincreased amount of diversity. Diversity is an important element of UK culture.


The UK is a democratic country which offers freedom to every citizen to do whateverthey want to do, by remaining under the law. These people valueindividual success and aggressiveness.,………………….

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