The Beauty of Sorbet Case Solution

This case describes the origin and growth of sorbet, a chain of hair salons for women in high-income metropolitan areas of South Africa. Owner Ian Fuhr has identified an opportunity to redefine the experience of beauty salon in South Africa offering customers a different service to any other in the industry. They are carefully managed human resources to motivate employees and develop the customer base. In addition, the company started a nursing school staff to improve external beauty and train potential employees. In addition, Fuhr stressed the importance of raising awareness of the brand and carefully adjusted the product mix of the company to maximize the potential profit margins, while developing a customer-centric culture. The case concluded by informing the reader of two new companies that have recently been launched under the brand Sorbet and discusses possible options for expansion and diversification that were open to society.
Margaret Sutherland,
Verity Hawarden
Source: Ivey Publishing
10 pages.
Release Date: August 3, 2012. Prod #: W12102-PDF-ENG
The beauty of the solution case Sorbet

The Beauty of Sorbet Case Solution
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