The Aussie Brave Company Case Solution & Answer

The Aussie Brave Company Case Solution


Aussie-Brave Ltd (AB), is an Australian firm, which makes short -excavator MINX as one of its products. MINX is like any other short-excavator in the world, but it has a fixed qualities that gives the firm an-edge over its competitors, based on both mental attributes and advancement. MINX contains smart tracking device, software related to the shapely force system using are print to adjust the balance when cultivating or ball in the ground, so that it wouldn’t get bended (350 high inclination) even if it is extremely thin and/or difficult to reach the building, therefore giving AB the trade secret.

At Brave,they have a showna path record of advancement producedin a series of truly various skills. This allows them to make much advanced,braver, bigger designs and purpose, which helpsthe clients search for the lively mediaplatform. They do work in the two levels, which are:

Planning Things

They do Product Editing.

Product Properties.

Media designing / Strategy.

Distribution Editing.

Universal Selling.

Research Writing.

Doing Things

Joint drives.

Writing Progress.

Online, global and smartphone marketing.

Website building.

One to One Selling.


They have a bigrecord and anongoing responsibility to finance,popularize facilities,popularize change and the new look for concepts that have the potential to change the world one day. In fact, they spend 5% of their time doing things that they love.

In Brave, they are quite active, flexible, media questioning and self-supporting talking agency. Their belief: No one does better than us. With the strong data collected in our numerous research and with a focus on nonstop hearing, real-time, ongoing testing and processing; they can achieve better results, notjust in today’s world but in the upcoming future as well.

With unmatched breaking,limitless competition and an advanced selling planning,all the companies must need to work with their full potential, work with speed and give maximum returns more than ever before.

With more opportunities in different areas of the world, especially in Sahara Africa and South America Continent ,more customer division, more marketing and manufacturing  with an inclusion of more issuance of Channels,; the company is dealing with tough  competition and extreme difficulties .

The Aussie-Brave is now thinking for an overseas growth for the first time. The firm has anoverall market funding of more than Australian Dollar $90 m (based on their annual working of $ 60 m and a profit of $ 11m). The two continental countries of South America and Sahara Africa are givencore importance. The Board of Directors are focused on Brazil and Kenya to get relevant exciting opportunities in South America and Sahara Africa. So I am explaining both the countries in detail for the possible opportunities which the company can avail for itself.


  • Kenya is generally regarded as a country full of opportunities for business expansion, for being asprofitable, trading and defined planning hub of the African district. Kenya’s urban areas, especially its capital city “Nairobi”, is known for its strong business atmosphere.
  • The residentsof Kenya are also very young, with about 80% of its 52 m population livingunder the age group of 35. Advancement has made great pace in Kenya where the country is considered best in value-added services, such as:internet access, and shopping.
  • Leading export district include energy, medicine and ownership. Some small American companies have also achieved success by dealing with the Kenyan tourism industry,
  • Kenya is also full of natural resources, and the country has also started to develop its oil and gas. Starting business in Kenya is now much simpler than it was before, thanks to the government’s-actions that have reduced the raw material’s cost.

Environmental Sustainability, Infinite Energy & Land Administration

In order to continue to enter global markets; Kenya manages and maintains its domains and natural resource foundation. And for the global wealth and foreign exchange; the country makes offerings to Gross Domestic Product which depends on agriculture,cultivation industries, travel, water capital and energy. Despite of this fact; Kenya faces many environmental challenges, including:soil wear and tear, land embarrassment, geologic process, water shortage and industrial impurity.(Birkland, 2001)…………………………..

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