TESCO’S VIRTUAL STORE:From South Korea to the United Kingdom Case Solution & Answer

The assortment of the products at the virtual stores has to be done. The organization should gain a clear vision regarding what it should be offering. The offered products should be consisting of products which are of convenient nature. The basic product offerings would be more feasible to the organization as they will not be requiring a high amount of resource allocation.

Offering a vast range of products while being in the market would not a feasible decision as this will be requiring a high amount of resource allocation as well as management as well. The resource allocation in the initial stages of any business is considered. The future operations of the organization heavily depend upon the initialsteps of the company.

The placement of the stores for TESCO will play a vital role in the future operations of the company. TESCO must take steps for locating its stores carefully. The operations of the company heavily depend on the locality of their stores.

TESCO should focus on locating its virtual stores in places like train stations and airports. A high number of traffic is experienced at the train stations of the country, which will directly increase the level of potential customers being attracted towards the offering of the stores. Train Stations are well used across United Kingdom with 1.3 billion journeys in the year ending March 2011.

The probability of people noticing the virtual stores of TESCO will be high in such places as the people who are waiting for their desired trains might be coming after a 5 minute delay.Thiswould give the traffic at the train station a chance to glance around the station and it is likely that the people will beattracted towards the offered products of TESCO.

On a global level, the stations located in London have the highest levels of traffic. Out of 10 train stations with the highest level of traffic, 8 are located in London, which again adds value to the decision of launching their virtual stores in the train station. Airports will also be a feasible place for the location of the virtual stores of TESCO. Airports are also flooded with heavy traffics and the number of potential buyers is high in such locations. London is filled with large airports and they have huge halls, which could possibly be the best location for the virtual stores of TESCO. Huge traffic inflows into the airports are experienced daily.


The trend of travelling is high in the United Kingdom which can create a number of opportunities for the company to target. The company can efficiently use huge amounts of traffic in these airports to its advantage by placing its virtual stores in such locations. TESCO can efficiently utilize these areas for its organizational benefits by efficiently tailoring the store locations in these areas.

The product offerings of TESCO will be noticeable in such locations as the attention level of potential consumers is high in such areas. The location of the store will have huge influence over the growth of the organization. The location of the store has huge impactover the revenues and the profits of the store. TESCO must evaluate the location of its stores efficiently in order to create a market for its products………


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