Teradyne corporation: The Jaguar project Case Solution & Answer

Teradyne corporation: The Jaguar project Case Solution


Teradyne, Inc. creates and sells self-testing systems. Semiconductor Test, Industrial Automation, System Test, and Wireless Test are the segments through which the company operates. Semiconductor Test develops, produces, and sells semiconductor test equipment and services. The company was founded by the two classmates: Alex d’Arbeloff and Nick DeWolf. It is an almost 45 years old corporation.The major units of Teradyne are: assembly test, semi-conductor test, broadband test, and Connection system, and diagnostic solution.

With an increased market attractiveness and projects; the firm has started to face challenges with mishandled project phases and the usage of technologies that over-emphasizes the team’s efforts around a certain least significant project rather than on the essential one.

The company is concerned about the deadlines, project management, and experiencing un-expected delays in the Jaguar project. The company has facedan extensive delays in the project delivery, i.e. nearly (6-month delay) in the past (2021).


Strengths and weaknesses of the project management approach used in Jaguar in comparison with the traditional approach used at Teradyne


In comparison to the traditional approach at Teradyne; the strengths of the jaguar projects approach to the definitions of goals and scope are such that in the traditional approach; the goal and scopes are not defined clearly, which is creating undefined and unclear requirements and the delivery time has increased due to the addition of features by the engineers and the shareholders, at the time of development.Although, the project’s quality has increased, but on the other hand;there is a previously finalized delivery date with clear guidelines of scope and goals, where additions are not allowed.

There is a clear visibility of performance and progress to the higher management in the Jaguar project, which is not the case in the traditional approach.In the traditional approach; there is no clear phase of project development or status information provided to the top management. (2019)

In the Jaguar project’s management approach; they have set realistic commitments mostly as compared to the traditional project management approach at Teradyne,in which they have set 300% times unrealistic commitments  than real and achievable ones.


The weaknesses of the Jaguar project approach is that there is no margin for addition during the development process.The other weakness of the Jaguar project management approach is that it sometimes sets unrealistic commitments and forces people to fulfill them.

The test strategy of the traditional approach used at Teradyne is better than the test strategy of the Jaguar project approach, because it embraces the strategy of the flexible platform.On the other hand,the traditional approach uses a market segment-focused platform. The area on the basis of which we differentiated the strengths and weaknesses, which are mentioned below.( See appendix:1)


Autonomy vs. control in project management

The autonomy of the entire project grows as the team has an authority to make more decisions that are related to its task. Defining technology and commercial standards, selecting product and process design content, scheduling and budgeting, getting resources, working with stakeholders, and monitoring and evaluating performance are all the examples of such decisions. The autonomy of a project is more important to us than the independence of individuals.On the other hand, control in the project may also have some advantages and disadvantages. Control in project management can create tension and decrease the motivation to work, but control in project management is also important because it checks and balances the output and manages the work as well as the workers, accordingly………………………

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